By anonymous / Saturday 8 October 2011 15:36 / Sri Lanka
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  Neorecon19  |  18

To make decent French Fries without razing your neighborhood, boil the sliced potatoes in oil for about 45-60 minutes THEN salt them. And for the love of tater tots, buy a fire extinguisher. You're gonna want one if your that much of a fire hazard.

  X_Codes  |  11

54 - either you're an idiot or you're trolling. In either case, if you cook home-made french fries for more than 10 minutes total, you're doing it wrong.

By  NDiesal10  |  2

You would fuck up a wet dream lol

  TheRealHouse  |  7

Today, I concluded that I should proceed in
preparing some French fried potatoes. I reasoned that all this would require is potatoes and sodium chloride. Unbeknownst to me however, it also entailed emergency medical and fire vehicles and personel. FML


  rognycbro  |  4

the reason as to why the ambulance was needed is left for the reader to imply. an educated guess is that while slicing the potatoes into fries; the OP severely cut, or even severed a finger.

  bizarre_ftw  |  21

Or, as anyone that's accidentally started a small frying pan fire or been in a school drill would know, ambulances come automatically with the fire department. That is Definitely the more likely reason, If we're being serious, not sure why we would be on this site however *shrugs* meh

  bizarre_ftw  |  21

#7 You sir, are a colossal troll! On the up side, congratulations! On the down side, I've sent someone to your home to defenestrate you. They should be there shortly. Have a nice day :)

  NagatoPain  |  4

Today, I got thumbed down on FML because I didnt get what Fire Department and the Ambulance was for to make french fries. Im a sore loser that I still dont get what happened. FML

By  SwaggerMelon  |  6

French Fries do not require the fire department and an ambulance.

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