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Today, I decided to clean my apartment from top to bottom. Once I was done, I looked over at my puppy, who then woke up, stretched, got out of his basket and started to pee. I shouted, "No!" Scared, he then ran all over the place, still peeing. FML

By Shiva / Tuesday 18 March 2014 08:46 / France - Niort
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By  LonerTheWolf35  |  8

Actually OP might have preferred that over peeing because its easier to clean up. Also if its carpet the pee smell is hard to get rid of and the puppy will want to pee there again.

By  Ruler3000  |  17

Probably should've have shouted no... But hey - we learn from the past right?

  leptical  |  6


  tj4234  |  35

You didn't read the fml did you?

By  jerryj  |  27

On the bright side, he didn't leave a turd!


Actually OP might have preferred that over peeing because its easier to clean up. Also if its carpet the pee smell is hard to get rid of and the puppy will want to pee there again.

  ChibiChibi_fml  |  22

Not true. If you use ammonia they'll be more likely to pee there again as urea breaks down and releases ammonia. In other words your marking the carpet with a stronger urine like scent indicating it is ok to pee there.


I use ammonia all the time. I've never had a pet pee in that spot again. I wouldn't have said it works if it didn't work for me. Maybe it depends on the pet, but I'm sticking to ammonia for accidents.

  falon142012  |  22

Actually, there are special products called enzymatic cleaners that completely break down bodily products, whether human or animal. Hospitals use it for vomit and blood, carpet cleaners use it for animal urine and feces. Among other things. Lol.


Actually if you pour some rubbing alcohol on the spot it will get rid of the odor. I have heard hydrogen peroxide works also because it breaks down biological material. On a side note, peroxide will also help get blood and food stains out of clothing. Got that tip from a dry cleaner.

By  Faddyy6  |  17

you should be nice with your pet.. bad luck

  smokecloud_  |  37

I agree with 19. If my pup starts to piddle or crouch, a loud, firm NO or AH AH AH gets his attention so he stops and I can get him outside, where he gets praise and treats for going. If your pup is still really young, OP, he has very little bladder control. Mine's five months, and it was harder for him to stop once started when he was younger, but it's gotten easier. Patience, love, and treats!

  smokecloud_  |  37

Give them time. :) Take them out every 45 minutes to an hour and always after they wake up from a nap. I'm three months in and he still has accidents, so don't give up. Learn your pup's tendencies, learn it's signs that its gotta go. It's a long process.

By  AnthonyWheeler15  |  24

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By  Pat000005  |  9

Better to get pissed off than pissed on.

By  LonerTheWolf35  |  8

The first thing you should do is take you puppy outside and then reward it for peeing where you want it to go. Puppies always need to go outside just after they wake up.


True but she should have taken it out before she started cleaning and she should have been keeping an eye on her puppy.


she was cleaning while the puppy was sleeping...was she supposed to wake up the puppy (however much earlier) and take it outside, and then start cleaning....?? You've never owned a puppy have you? Much easier said then done, especially while trying to have some sort of a semi routine

By  gracehi  |  31

You make puppy scared! :O

By  ea247  |  20

Awwwww ^^

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