By Help / Friday 16 September 2011 16:20 / Australia
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  ohxdamnxkay02  |  12

safe sex is great sex. (:

  tjv3  |  9

Duse that sucks I feel bad for you. you should have told them that it was a bio-hazard and they needed to call in a medical waste disposal team or buy a new fax machine . or tell then to get a scanner and email lol

  Daralea  |  21

I've been staring at my fax machine for nearly 10 minutes trying to figure out how it would get in there. My most feasible answer is through the auto paper feeder on the top or in the tray. Both involve pinching and a lot of potential paper-cuts ...doing it in the office doesn't sound that sexy anymore.

  ipodlover1995  |  0

It was more sticky & liquid than solid...


Today, after waiting several hours for my foreman to drop off material, I finally got a text back from him saying "Oh sorry, I totally forgot about you. I'm at the Christmas party." The Christmas party that no one told me about. FML

By Turtleizer567 / Saturday 24 December 2016 01:27 /

Today, at work, two teenage girls caused a huge scene and told me to get lost, after I asked if they needed any help. Their reasoning: they didn't want to be helped by "someone who doesn't have a thigh gap." FML

By Hannahb17 - / Friday 23 August 2013 22:21 / United States - Phoenix
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