By Anonymous - / Monday 15 November 2010 12:06 / Netherlands
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Mods: FUCK YOU and your censorship of comments! Take this down. NOW, BITCHES! Oh, and I ORDER YOU to ban this account and this IP address. I'll be back, fuckers.


The OP said it was the landlord who spent the money and did the renovations. She probably just has bad grammar, though.


No, she didn't. Saying someone else might "have bad grammar", while it is very clear that it is in fact you who sucks at it. FAIL. "after spending two weeks renovating my room and $1000 on paint and a new floor"

Dang that freakin sucks. But yea why would you pay for all that instead of telling the landlord to do it. Especially on new floors

You gave that fucker new floors and he still makes you paint the wall back? Granted it was unauthorized, but you think the landlord would be a bit nicer. You know, give you a bit extra on deposit or something.


It says OP put new flooring in only her room. Now owner is going to have to spend time and money to make the flooring in that room match the rest of the flooring in the house. She should count herself lucky the owner is offering to return any of her deposit.


if it was authorized, owner wouldn't be asking her to paint the walls white to get the deposit back. And on that note, it doesn't say anywhere that it was authorized.

it's cheaper/less effort not to get your deposit back. and don't renovate rented stuff!!!!!

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