By N/A - / Tuesday 25 September 2012 04:13 / Canada - Edmonton
FML - The follow-up
MLAA_fml Say more :
For all the people who think this is strange you have to understand hes been a regular at my store for 2 years. Its not like it was some random person. Hes so depressed and angry every time, so when I finally saw him for once not looking upset and like he wanted a hug I went for it. Silly mistake on my part but what can I say I always hope for the best in people. He came back today and apologized....
By MLAA - / Tuesday 25 September 2012 00:52 / United States - Loma Linda
By foreveralone - / Monday 24 September 2012 23:12 / United Kingdom - Cardiff
FML - The follow-up
martinaaah Say more :
Nope, sorry. This is the OP, this happened at The C Shop in Birch Bay, Washington
By martinaaah / Monday 24 September 2012 19:35 / United States - Bellingham
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