How does it work?

You’re going to see FMLs that are waiting to be moderated. All you have to do is say whether YES or NO they deserve to be on FML. When a story gets enough “YES” votes, our team then reviews it. They decide whether or not to publish it on the homepage, which means that our team only reads the FMLs that YOU have praised.

How best to moderate?

-Refuse stories that are too similar to ones that are already on FML, or elsewhere (TV shows, old jokes).
-Refuse FMLs written in TXT language, or that contain too many spelling mistakes.
-Use the “Report abuse” button whenever something seems out of place (advertisements, spam, discussions and any other text that isn’t an FML)
-Enjoy yourself and moderate according to your sense of humor. A good FML should be original, well written and believable, and should make you laugh without being too shocking.

What do all these numbers mean?

-Score: The score is the amount of points that you’ve accumulated while moderating FMLs. According to your choices, you gain points or lose them.
-Position: Thanks to your score, you have a ranking amongst the other moderators. Displayed on this line are, in order, your position according to the amount of registered moderators, and your progress according to the previous day’s ranking.
- Last action of the current session: This displays the last action you undertook. So, if ever you click too hastily, you’ll be able to know which selection you made last.
-You last results: In this space, you’ll find the three last results of your moderation choices. To see all the available results, along with information about your ranking, click on “See the details”.