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I'd say half of us if not more were "surprises" or "mistakes". Shit happens it's not like our parents don't love us just because we weren't "planned".

I dont think this is a FML. There are a lot of babies that are 'mistakes' or 'accidents'. I was...and so was my sister kind of. My mom was convinced she couldn't have children since she had an irregular period and had a miscarriage. But then she had my sister. and 16 months later I was born. just because you werent planned doesnt mean you arent loved.

By  kt20

My father has also admitted I was a "surprise." In fact, I'm the reason they got married (at least the reason for the timing...). He said "You were not a mistake, I was thrilled." Both my parents were also surprises and both my grandparents will say that they couldn't live without them. There's no problem here. =)

Would you rather have she had an abortion? Our son was unplanned and my wife even wanted an abortion, today we can't spend a day without him around us. So stop whining.

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