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Hey guys, OP here. While I don't doubt that they are in fact kept on record somewhere, I DO doubt that they would use them for some sort of super weapon like he was implying. My boyfriend grew up in a bad home and has anxiety and paranoia like you wouldn't believe, so he probably heard something in his computer class and blew it way out of proportion. Again. This is just the latest strange thing he's doing. At one point he wanted us to invest in a bunker. I'm 20 and he's 19, so we're both of age, and we've been dating for 2 years, but we live in different timezones. He's a college student and I don't make very much so it's hard for us to pay to meet up, so sexting is usually all we've got. I prefer skype, since my phone is ancient and doesn't have any of these fancy new-fangled apps, but I was laptopless for the night, which is why I texted him asking and got that in response. I know for a 100% fact that he is not cheating on me. He wouldn't be able to pull it off. Like I said, anxiety and paranoia. He once apologized to me in panic over having a crush on a celebrity, thinking that was just as bad as cheating. In any case, when he isn't at school, he's on skype and steam with me. And for those saying to send them to you, shame on you.
By ShadowReiku - / Friday 6 June 2014 03:38 / United States - Bowie
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By  onlychildFTW  |  33

Well from what I've heard is that in canada phone companies keep texts for 1 year on their servers. It's a reason I never sext over text messages. There's apps for that stuff now anyways.

  raspution  |  20

I have a friend and if that was his job... lets just say they would be well used.

  SpamPam  |  18

He's actually not very far off base. Revenge porn site make a lot of money stealing private photos and vids illegally and then publishing your private info with it for the sole purpose of site users to harass the people in them. Although I think you should be allowed to do what you want without living in fear of scum like that

By  onlychildFTW  |  33

Well from what I've heard is that in canada phone companies keep texts for 1 year on their servers. It's a reason I never sext over text messages. There's apps for that stuff now anyways.

  Mauskau  |  34

Yeah, like those apps don't save them on their servers either. The snapchat servers were hacked a while ago and a lot of the pictures were stolen, even the ones people thought were gone forever.

By  AnOriginalName  |  19

Your boyfriend's a prick. I gotta hand it to you, he doesn't seem to be thinking with his head in this situation.

By  Lrigglez  |  7

You should explain to him that the odds of that are zero to none. First off its invasion of privacy. And why would they want peoples nude pics anyways. Hopefully he realizes that and you can go back to the fun of phones. :D

  Miss_Whipped  |  41

And they watch all sorts of video chatting too, so no help there. In all honesty, as long as you're 18+ while you're engaging in whatever sexual self-image exchange it is you like to do over the internet or via text, you have nothing to worry about. Other than the risk of potential exploitation, but that's a risk you take with any racy picture.

  RedPillSucks  |  30

@17 You do realize that the Patriot Act has been around before Obama, and even in administrations before that, the NSA was trolling communications data. Lets try not to get political about something that isn't.

  TheAbstract  |  14

The point isn't really that It's illegal, 34. It's that It's a total invasion of privacy. People can just look at pictures you send or read your texts.. That is some spooky shit right there.

  gracehi  |  31

The PATRIOT Act (all caps because it's actually an acronym) was enacted by George W Bush. However, no one realized how far reaching it was until after Barack Obama came into office, and he's done virtually nothing to address the concerns raised by both politicians and ordinary folks on both sides of the political isle.

  ladyLALAA  |  28

I say don't take photos of it if you wouldn't want your parents seeing it. I had an incident involving photos and I can't stress it enough to think before you send them!

By  Demoniq  |  25

Hopefully your boyfriend is simply an aspiring conspiracy theorist and this is not an indication of his (lack of) desire to see you in that way OP.

  Demoniq  |  25

Yeah... my statement had nothing to do with any government-related situation but rather myself hoping OP's boyfriend wasn't trying to avoid pictures from her for other reasons - a point which was clearly missed.

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