By chippuh - / Sunday 26 April 2009 23:44 / United States
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You must be the quiet one in the car.. I hope you gave them some heavy guilt tripping. But just in case, next time use the buddy system

Better than being left at the gas station with greasy old men sporting paunches and yellow tank tops, which, might I just add were white when purchased. Still pretty FML.

Ewwww #4. That sucks, OP. I'd be mad, and I defnitely would guilt trip and not let it go for a loooong ass time

Man that sucks, that's just rude. If that were me, I would find that very offending. :| Wait a second, you guys arrive at the mall, you go into only ONE store, then they already left? After such a short time? Unless you spent a longgg time in that one store?...

By  24788

LOL, no one loves you! Your a nobody! That has happened to me a couple times. Once when I was younger and once when my friends thought it'd be funny to ditch me in a park. :(

Not that big a deal, even Jesus got left behind by his family on some trip when he was young. Not sure the exact spot in the Bible, but it's there.

No. Even if you have 5-6 people on the trip, you do not forget somebody. You just don't. The more people you have, the more people you have to realize you aren't there. The less people you have, the more obvious it is that you're missing. If they were ditching you, that's one thing. But if they didn't notice you missing, that just doesn't add up. Unless your entire family has some kind of medical brain disorder (in which case they shouldn't be driving), this doesn't work. And why would you

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