By erptwerp / Tuesday 8 March 2016 04:47 / United States
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  AyeTee77  |  18

I think it would help op if you popped out of a giant cake in lingerie


By  mwebb1  |  14

You need to make better friends. When I told my two close friends I wasn't planning to do anything for my 40th, they booked a 2 week trip for the 3 of us to Europe from Australia, that's real friendship!

  sugar94_fml  |  17

Not everyone can afford time or money to do spontaneous things like that. 'Real friendship' can easily be defined as people who are just always there for you. It's as simple as that.

By  raaron773  |  19

Happy birthday OP :)
Sorry your friends ditched you :/ but don't worry because the world is filled with millions of people who are better than them. You'll make new friends soon^^

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