By Anonymous - / Saturday 19 February 2011 21:29 / United States
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dude this is just like the black swan! Except ur both males...and im pretty sure your not crazy, or a swan :S

  xoxoMEGANxoxo  |  13

yeah like seriously

  yazmi_09  |  3

this fml reminds me of preter griffin's song
"there once were two cowboys headed out on the open trail,
when they discovered they could have sex with another male,
now they're having butt sex, cowboy butt sex"

  newjerseyguy  |  0

#1 all comments should have been shut off after yours lol. " no hommo " best response to this and i voulsnt have said it better than you.

  fatvader64  |  5

wow no homo comment was a win Nice

By  raptroszx  |  0

thats pretty hot ;D

By  mammia  |  2


  ijzj  |  0

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By  beastin34  |  0

0_o ummm.. well now u know better not to drink a much..unless u on spring break!!!

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