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Actually if I hadn't left the house I would have been hit by glass and a trapoline that was in my front room also it wasnt my trampoline
By mattdevil / Thursday 8 December 2011 18:57 / United Kingdom
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Well the window was already smashed in, so I guess it wouldn't hurt to bounce in and get a couple of shards stuck in the arm (:

  Takador  |  3

Last time I checked, you're supposed to stay inside your house during a strom -.- YDI. OP's these days...

  Takador  |  3

Meh… fuck it, I'm too sleep-deprived to argue right now

  elephantom12  |  9

Wait a minute, wasn't there a YouTube video trending earlier of a person recording a trampoline rolling down the street in your area? talk about coincidence if not lol.

By  WormsOnFire  |  1

Damn neighbors...


Maybe because the trampoline wasn't OP's and I doubt it flew all the way from china or somewhere extremely far away -.-

By  dannyboy66  |  7

Trampoline door :D

By  noobcake111  |  2

That must really suck

By  FaraPjJammaz  |  13

That's okay though (period) A trampoline decided to smash my window and let me in.

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