By doggybag - / Thursday 24 September 2009 05:17 / Canada
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  HahaYDI  |  0

Hey look at me, I'm near the top even though I'm not number 2, cool beans.


if u only breathed in it then u wouldnt of had that stuff on ur face...u would of had to breath IT IN to have that all on u n in ur mouth... either u worded this wrong, u dont kno wat ur saying, or its fake. either way YDI 4 any part of that.

  Anarchy_fml  |  0

WHOA! I just realized something, about 7 hours after I posted this...that I was first. I know this will be deleted, I just wanna savor the moment you know? Cuz ive gotten like 12th before, and I got 4th on something else today, but I mean wow, first. If life had GamerScore, this would be a 50G Achievment. [50G - Woke up before 6 and managed to get first reply on an FML post] and I guess it'd be a double because I'd end up getting: [25G - Realizing you probably won't be part of the 58% of Juniors who have had sex] Oh well. “Hope is a desire with an expectation of accomplishment.” These are my accomplishments. The rare and the few things a broken man can hope for, but one day we'll drink to this and laugh. Laugh well, and wholeheartedly.

  heyyou1203  |  0

agreed. wtf were u thinking? i could see if you blew in it to open it up as your dog pooped, but if you don't need to use a new bag, why the hell were you breathing in it?!?!

By  handsoff  |  0

That's one way to break a habit. Although, I'm trying to figure out how you 'absent-mindedly' lifted the bag back up to your mouth without noticing the added weight, let alone the smell.

  hothotheat_  |  13

It's like people who bite their nails. Even if they know they were just doing something gross or unsanitary with their hands, they just absent mindedly bite. I speak from experience. /:

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