By WaffleMan - / Friday 8 June 2012 11:58 / United States - Stirling
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  folfg0  |  12

When you gotta fap.... You gotta fap.

  Mollyp123  |  0

Heres and idea.. Instead of watching porn and wasting your time.. Go get a girl.. Have some fun.. Make mistakes.. It's what life is about!!

  reddudeover  |  2

82 - Another person who thinks porn and relationships are diametrically opposed well they aren't.

I don't watch porn as a substitute for anything. I watch it when I'm in a relationship and when I'm not.

  IndieCowboy  |  15

Maybe cuz not everyone is loaded with cash enough to afford two laptops... Dumbass

  davymac718  |  4

69 likes is pretty appropriate. Won't "thumb's up" out of principle!

  anzie_fml  |  9

2- did you get my text?
Well, you didn't text me back...

By  SkoomaKi  |  24

Pornhub?! Haha you noob, RedTube is where it's at.

  william8691  |  10

I personally prefer tubegals or spankwire.

  hellaflushfa5  |  6

Fucd or beeg are the best

  CastleHCP  |  1

Ferona, Squirt...

Kindly learn how the interbutts work before you comment. It's a common response to explicit material. A few years back, some /b/rothers posted porn all over YouTube with innocuous titles like "Jonas Brothers live" and one response in the comment section was "I am 12 and what is this".

There's your educational Internet tidbit for the day. Now get out.

By  p_syko  |  5

I didn't know anyone actually paid for porn on the Internet! Honestly though...you put a reminder on the same laptop you use for work????? You totally deserve it!!!! D/A

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