By Anonymous / Saturday 24 September 2011 09:12 / United States
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By  daphish  |  10


  awagh666  |  14

What an ass. If you want to get back at him, here's an idea: keep a pair of binoculars, tissues and vaseline on his bedroom window... heheheh

  mariazzz  |  5

If she knew his username and password I'm sure she would. However she only found out through her credit card statement which makes it difficult. Although I'd sign up and look for him under a diff name and picture and lure him in then catch the prick in action

  TorturedXeno  |  27

Sounds like a good idea, but finding out his passwords is too much trouble. Just put out an ad on Craigslist for someone looking for a same-sex partner. Put up his photo, cell phone number, occupation, etc. That'll teach him.

  stfu_bam  |  5

This has nothing to do with the FML but your picture says choking hazard however if you look it, there is nothing between the male and the female...so how can you choke on something if nothings there?

By  dstamm2  |  10

Wow if he's using a dating site the he must really hate u FYI

  Enslaved  |  36

Maybe, she's the one that proposed to him. Or... I know a lot of couples that just live together and call one another fiancée/fiancé but really haven't made any official plans of having a wedding.

  mb2_native  |  15

wow man, if I found out my woman was on dating sites using my credit card, is say good luck with that and leave and yes ,pawn the ring or sell it to someone :p

  Enslaved  |  36

50, is correct. The engagement rings is a contract that she is to marry him. It doesn't matter who breaks the engagement, the ring is to be returned to him. Looks like the law is finally on guys' side in this matter.

  kaleighanna  |  0

Well in Oregon the ring is a contract and who ever breaks that contract has to give the ring to the other person...so in this case if the Op man cheats on her it's all hers but id he has not done so yet the ring is his their has to be good evidence that he's cheated too...set ur house up with video recorders op sorry bout ur man....on the bright side he could just want another girl for a threesome but I wouldn't get ur heart set on keeping the bastard


Unless it was an unconditional gift. Which is why you don't propose on birthdays or holidays, especially Christmas or other occasions where you would normally exchange gifts. If you do propose on one of those days the girl can say it was a birthday present aswell and keep the ring. Even when my old boyfriend gave me a promise ring that cost him 400 bucks(which was a crazy amount cause we were barely in highschool) after we broke up I offered to give it back but he let me keep it.

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