South Africa

Today, my colleague Skyped me to tell me my tampon string was hanging out my shorts. I had just come from lunch with 5 other colleagues. FML

By Frenchiesaffa - / Monday 12 March 2018 20:00 / South Africa - Durban
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By  azouwa  |  26

Those must of been some short shorts.

By  azouwa  |  26

Those must of been some short shorts.

  Mynxie  |  26

I was thinking the same thing. And why would you be wearing shorts if you are out to eat with colleagues, which I assume I'd during work hours.

  zuckerburg  |  16

Or ladies who insist on wearing short-shorts/bikinis, check if it's hanging out? I think it would be cheaper for those companies to run a marketing campaign instead to inform women of that maybe? I know I check mine.

By  Rabite  |  27

The shorts don't have to be that extremely short for this to happen.
And I really don't understand what's wrong with wearing shorter stuff when it's hot outside even to work.

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