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By VacationAllIEverWanted - / Saturday 8 April 2017 04:00 /
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By  jbuckets_404  |  35

OP, can you reschedule your vacation week ... better for when something you'd like to do anyway - with-OUT her? Next year, have her buy both tix, etc. then Oops! changed your mind ... else kick her to the curb now! As the wise advice columnist Ann Landers would say: it's better to wish that you were in a relationship (w/ a friend also) than to wish that you weren't (in the unhappy one you've now got - w/ said "friend" also). Use your interests to meet other like-wise people. I've had to drop 1 or 2 untrustworthy people: tough at first, but then's there no more drama; simply just relaxing, enjoyable times w/ other, better people. Good luck! :-)

  mariri9206  |  32

Why should she reschedule it? She should just go and have fun anyway and send all the pictures to her friend.

Or she could just tell her friend "Look, I know you want to go on vacation with your boyfriend but you made plans with me first and I think you should honor that, especially since I already got the time off work. If you weren't going to go with me or didn't think the plans were concrete, you should have told me, instead of doing what you did - ignoring the plans we made and turning around and making plans with your boyfriend."

By  Alexandria79  |  22

well the boyfriend won't last. they never do when you sacrifice your life and make it all about him all the fucking time. it's clingy. guys prefer girls with friends.

maybe find a new friend to hang with? or go yourself and have a fucking blast!

By  Bunnybear132  |  1

Been there ,done that. She's not your friend..take it from someone who had a "friend " like this , she doesn't give a shit about you. We were friends for 5 years and within that time she said she would come see me and everytime I got ready for her to show up , something always went wrong and could'nt make it but then she ended up dating a guy she met through me and has visited him about five times now,when I asked if she could come to just vist me once , she said that I was "fucking crazy if I thought she wasn't going to be with him if she's that close by"

By  Lillysar91  |  19

"It's better to be alone than in bad company" if you have already booked the trip and taken a week off that you can't change then go alone! So what? who said you can't have fun on your own and meet new people and discover new places! Alone doesn't per se mean lonely! This is no true friend and that's just plain awful on her behalf to just ditch you like this! I understand she wants to spend time with her bf but if she made plans with you first then as a friend she would uphold them or at least ask and apologize that she would rather go with her bf and ask to make it up at a later time...been there seen that! So called friends making plans then at the last minute changing them and not including me. I crossed them off

By  JadeMinu  |  10

You know what.. don't plan anything else with her. Ask someone else to tag along or like it was previously said, go alone and enjoy your trip ! :) It's gonna be her loss!

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