It’s right there in the name: “Nearly FMLs”. These are FMLs, but not quite. They’re nearly FMLs. Here you’ll find the FMLs that were voted for positively by our users and that are waiting to be validated (or not) by the FML team, along with those that we rejected for being too similar to previous FMLs or not funny enough to our discerning tastebuds.
By happybirthday - / Tuesday 24 March 2009 21:15 / United States
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By  Serial_fml  |  0

be nice and use that 5 dollars for a couple songs for your sister

By  Serial_fml  |  0

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he probly already has an iPhone cuz don't u have to have one to get fml's

  RADARoh  |  0

Um, excuse me for asking this, but what the eff you do, screw the pooch? Maybe the warden told them you aren't allowed to have any property over $ 5 in your cell.

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