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OP here. I probably should’ve clarified this- she is not afraid of birds. The barn always has pigeons in it. She wasn’t afraid of the pigeon. The pigeon had gotten into a separate part of the barn that it isn’t supposed to be in. She was trying to get it out and decided the best way to do that was scream like a banshee until it left, which only made problems worse.
By avertle - / Thursday 18 October 2018 20:30 /
Good Boy Say more :
I'm the OP, but I made an account to comment. My dogs are trained, but the only thing I can assume is that they are in the middle of territory war or something cause it's only 1 dog doing it, and it started happening recently.
By Anonymous - / Tuesday 16 October 2018 17:58 /
By Rosie - / Tuesday 16 October 2018 12:00 /
By ButILiveHere - / Wednesday 10 October 2018 03:00 / Netherlands - Voerendaal
By someone something - / Tuesday 9 October 2018 14:00 /
By Lisa - / Wednesday 3 October 2018 23:00 / Romania
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Hey, im the OP! i finally got an fml posted. this might be a bit long. my boyfriend and i have been together for 3 years. he moved down here to work in the oil industry and i had followed suit about 8 months later. i suffer from depression and anxiety, moving away from my support system back home was hard but i also left behind a toxic home environment so that was a plus. the thing that bothered...
By Anonymous - / Wednesday 3 October 2018 01:19 /
By Whyis Dremora - / Sunday 30 September 2018 15:00 / United States - San Marcos
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OP here. Just to clarify...I have a little 7 lb dog & the groomer was holding her. I reached to take her & the groomer turned sideways which is how my hand brushed her boob. And of course I apologized!!!! I'm a woman by the way so it wasn't a man on woman grope or anything --- still awkward and embarrassing. I love this groomer though so I will probably suck up the awkwardness and be more...
By Anonymous - / Thursday 27 September 2018 19:37 /

Today, I only discovered that a wasp was caught in the crotch of my undies when I put them on. It didn't like being teabagged very much and in retaliation stung the nearest target, my nuts. FML

By Anonymous - / Tuesday 25 September 2018 16:00 / Australia
By swag huh? - / Saturday 22 September 2018 04:00 / Philippines - Para?aque
By Anonymous - / Saturday 15 September 2018 13:00 /
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