Good Boy Say more :
I'm the OP, but I made an account to comment. My dogs are trained, but the only thing I can assume is that they are in the middle of territory war or something cause it's only 1 dog doing it, and it started happening recently.
By Anonymous - / Tuesday 16 October 2018 17:58 /
SonofMnemosyne Say more :
OP here... My mom was in a rush because she was dropping me off before she took my sister to the hospital for a really bad cough which made it hard to breathe for her. She's better now. I didn't find the IPad, but I got a new one the week after as an early birthday present from my grandparents.
By SonofMnemosyne - / Tuesday 16 October 2018 17:52 /
InnocenceBlue Say more :
Hi guys, OP here. I am no longer with this guy, for many reasons but this was a huge one. Not the first time something like this has happened. To answer any queries, I have anxiety, mainly towards surprises/shocks and this was one hell of a surprise. My ex knew I have "issues" and disappeared into the crowd (this was at a nightclub) knowing I wasn't following. Thanks for the funny replies and support...
By InnocenceBlue - / Saturday 13 October 2018 18:50 /
Megan Caird Say more :
Distance aside, I could see marrying the man down the road. There's just a lot of fear and doubt on my end. I brought up having a serious discussion on the status of our relationship before I get on a plane next month. As for what I'd be doing after (if the relationship is terminated), I would conduct the business I am traveling there for, without him. His family and I are close, and that loss will...
By Megan Caird - / Saturday 13 October 2018 12:22 / United States - Asbury Park
bluhbluhbluh Say more :
it's college. I tried to work it out so that I only did the exams but they rejected my request. about four months of doing paperwork and trying to solve the problem down the drain. :/
By bluhbluhbluh - / Saturday 6 October 2018 22:11 /
wolfygirl626 Say more :
op here! i submitted this two weeks ago and every thing is fine now, did get induced about four days later. since this is my first baby, it was expected of me to go over the due date :P we're both happy, healthy, and chilling with the new window ac.
By hotmama - / Saturday 6 October 2018 22:05 /
Zivc Say more :
OP here :) Had to make an account to say - thank you! Talked to my mother and it seems she also has her nerve pinched at the elbow so I guess I inherited it. Unfortunately, looking at my chosen field :P And I've already spent 3 years studying, I am definetly NOT giving up now just because of some stupid uncooperative arm. Also because university here is free, but only if you finish it on the first...
By ThePaaaaaain - / Friday 5 October 2018 19:38 /
CrazyCatPlushie Say more :
Hey, im the OP! i finally got an fml posted. this might be a bit long. my boyfriend and i have been together for 3 years. he moved down here to work in the oil industry and i had followed suit about 8 months later. i suffer from depression and anxiety, moving away from my support system back home was hard but i also left behind a toxic home environment so that was a plus. the thing that bothered...
By Anonymous - / Wednesday 3 October 2018 01:19 /
Claire Raika Ahmed Say more :
I am not sure how to connect my account to this FML since I apparently submitted it anonymously, but it was a tungsten ring so they apparently can’t be shaped like most gold or silver rings; they have to be made in the correct size and once made cannot be changed (at least according to the sales associate). They had made his the wrong size, even tho I asked multiple times to make sure they wrote down...
By NotaSinglePringle - / Friday 28 September 2018 17:36 /
Debbie Baker Minium Say more :
OP here. Just to clarify...I have a little 7 lb dog & the groomer was holding her. I reached to take her & the groomer turned sideways which is how my hand brushed her boob. And of course I apologized!!!! I'm a woman by the way so it wasn't a man on woman grope or anything --- still awkward and embarrassing. I love this groomer though so I will probably suck up the awkwardness and be more...
By Anonymous - / Thursday 27 September 2018 19:37 /
vegantreegirl Say more :
So, wow. I was not expecting this to get published. I forgot I had posted this to FML. haha The thing is the septic system is completely broken. It's old and needs to be replaced badly, so it effects everything from the toilet to the sinks and shower. But my landlord/slum lord won't shell out the cash which would be fine if the septic system was pumped monthly but it's often not. I guess I could have...
By vegantreegirl - / Tuesday 25 September 2018 00:46 /
ChromoTec Say more :
Hey, OP here. I couldn't fit everything inside the 300-character limit, so I'll just explain it here. She says we don't have the money to go, which currently we don't, but she refused all of my fundraising ideas and made me take down my GoFundMe page, and since she doesn't let me get a job either, I'm stuck with no way to pay for it. I've tried again and again to get her to let me go, but she won't...
By ChromoTec - / Monday 24 September 2018 22:38 /
lifeis4me Say more :
OP here. Yeah, I understand that facial expression is part of being a performer. My problem was that she never said anything to me before (no warning). Also, there’s a bunch of my peers don’t sing at all or they’re just playing/laughing, yet they have A’s
By lifeis4me - / Monday 24 September 2018 22:38 /
Watermania Say more :
Believe it or not, I'm OP and this was posted on my tablet, I'm on my phone now (I'll post a picture of the other account if u don't believe me). Anyways, we were staying with a bitter old woman who believes "everything I do is right" (her words). She started screaming at me for being "disrespectful". This isn't the first occurrence of her messing with me only, and she's even purposely burned my food...
By KindaObvious - / Friday 21 September 2018 16:02 / United States - Henderson
weirdfridgelady Say more :
Thanks for support and backup. Because I am aware of the risks of TSS but I just simply didn’t have time to change my tampon, and yes I had a pad also. Also the first time it’s happened to me, so just a bad and very messy day, I’m usually much more hygienic with those sorts of things.
By weirdfridgelady - / Friday 21 September 2018 05:56 /
Amanda G Rich Say more :
Well time to add another fml to the list. I chose the anonymous option....clearly not anonymous. Well I should explain further since it's out in the open now. I've had bladder issues since I was a kid from wetting the bed to CONSTANT UTIs. About a year ago I got a massive infection down there that no doctor could diagnose until finally I found one willing to actually test me properly, the gynecologist...
By Amanda G Rich - / Wednesday 19 September 2018 03:10 / United States
raven_of_azarath Say more :
This actually happened a few months ago, and I was more upset that I wasn’t invited cuz my roommate I was good friends with had also just gotten married but didn’t invite me, despite me having been part of the proposal, and I found out that I wouldn’t be able to afford to travel to my brother’s future wedding that I have been invited to. I am moved on now, and while he will always hold a special place...
By 43vera10n3 - / Wednesday 19 September 2018 01:58 / United States - Huntsville
OP here. Yes my sons name is as long as mine, but it doesn't make anything easier or harder. My memory comes and goes with good and bad days. Wishing it would get better but not much of a chance there. Bad thing is I'm only 24 years old.
By Dustin Allen-Duwayne Lakey - / Monday 17 September 2018 02:22 /
cheesebond Say more :
OP here. For everyone wondering the grass was also left uncut so the backyard wasn’t completely filled, but the parts that don’t have 2 foot tall grass were. We have 2 dogs and he was left to maintain the house while we were gone which was actually a month and a half closer to 2 months. Also having him finally clean it wasn’t an option because I asked him to the first second and third day before I...
By his dog poops too - / Friday 14 September 2018 20:22 /
kdragonrose Say more :
Op here. To clarify, I did NOT give this jerk a ticket for parking in the handicapped spot. He got the ticket for not paying the meter. Handicapped parking meters in my area are painted blue. He cussed me out because he felt having a handicapped license plate entitled him to not have to pay the meter. I told him "why would they have a meter there if you didn't have to pay it. It's even painted blue?"...
By Parking princess - / Wednesday 5 September 2018 10:27 / United States - Curwensville
someone something Say more :
I usually do keep a positive attitude because a negative one is just gonna bring you down. But this is the first time I've ever broken anything and I now have to use a shower chair because my parents and neurologist think it's too dangerous for me to stand. Also, someone needs to be in the bathroom so we can talk and make sure I'm not seizing
By someone something - / Tuesday 28 August 2018 18:31 /
ViviMage Say more :
I/OP didn't submit anything! My sister did but it was rejected because my medical file was attached, and I had cancer. If I have seizures daily and get seasick in a daily basis with a permanent balance impairment issue, why would I join the Navy?
By ViviMage - / Tuesday 28 August 2018 12:18 / United States - Paulsboro
real life problems Say more :
OP here. So just to give some more information.. I open bags of chips upside down on purpose because I know it bothers people, ( it bothers my ocd too but it's funny ). The guy that slapped my chips down was actually a friend of a friend that I didnt recognize. My friend was inside laughing his ass off.. From the looks on peoples faces, they were horrified which is what made it even funnier. Btw yes...
By real life problems - / Monday 27 August 2018 23:11 /
crazycatlady1890 Say more :
OP here... thanks for the comments! My fiancé did essentially tell her to shove it. She did apologize (after missing his masters graduation), and he still hasn’t quite forgiven her. As for what this means for the future... luckily, my fiancé is NOT a mamas boy in the least, and is happy seeing her once or twice a year. He, my mother, and I have a bet going on what sets her off next. Personally, my...
By crazycatlady1890 - / Monday 27 August 2018 21:46 /
ChromoTec Say more :
Hey, OP here. This was my first FML published, and I was surprised that it made it. Now then, seeing as I'm typing this, yes, I did get my new phone. It took about 3 weeks on the phone with them (all of the calls took about 8 hours combined) but I finally got them to ship me a replacement, after I had my mom yell at them for about half an hour. It was pretty crazy, and I'm just lucky they sent me another...
By Packageception - / Monday 27 August 2018 11:23 / United States - Janesville
MallowMistress Say more :
Hey! OP here! I am kind of amazed this got posted! But it was a pool at our house, yes we are still engaged after much arguing, crying and confrontation. Nothing happened, but there was talk of them possibly being more until she realized she didnt want to ruin her own relationship over soemthing like that, because he had told her we were open so he can do whatever. (We had been at one time,...
By MallowMistress - / Wednesday 22 August 2018 13:16 / United States - Ochelata
Hi all! OP here! So, to start off, thanks for all the support (and sorry for firing off last time!). To the one or two of you who think I should be able to stand, first: the disabled seating is there for a reason; second: when you're standing on the bus you use your toes to help you balance a bit, and if you can't move toes on one leg it's a bit difficult. Third: My leg's basically a metal pole with...
By I can't stand leg puns - / Monday 20 August 2018 21:11 / United Kingdom - Feltham
dino-rex Say more :
I did watch... the security footage afterwards. It was actually my residential building. It was Saturday, I was out of town, and when I got home, the management kindly informed us that the idiot receptionist did nothing but watch when the kids took the bikes. And when I say kids, I mean KIDS, they were no more than 12! They very obviously did not live there (residents all know where the bikes are because...
By Bikeless - / Monday 20 August 2018 18:48 /
swervelol Say more :
Wow this got published hi! I'm the OP and I'm here to clear up a few things! Yes I haven't driven at night due to working full time at my previous job at a store that closed at 7 pm every night (it stays light until very late in Montana) I also haven't been out late due to long shifts at work and recently moving to a new city which has heightened the severity of my night blindness because I am unfamiliar...
By swervelol - / Wednesday 15 August 2018 05:46 /
fishyrael Say more :
This is my FML and YES THE FISH ARE OKAY. Well, mostly. It drained too quickly for me to save the carpet, which has since been ripped up to let the subfloor dry, but not too quickly for me to get them out into cups. My betta was incredibly stressed and grumpy, and the catfish were in a panic and huddled together. The snail didn't seem to notice anything was going on at the time, but has since passed...
By fish mom - / Monday 13 August 2018 21:50 / United States - Odenton
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