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Spicy details and delicious explanations are on this section’s menu, which contains hundreds of stories commented on by their original posters. The people who share their mishaps return to bring you some clarifications. They tell us all about their FML, and it’s a real pleasure.

Today, at my work at a charity shop, I reached into a new bag of donations only to pull out... used underwear. Thanks for your generosity. FML


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On 01/20/2016 at 11:19pm - work - by indigohero (woman) - United Kingdom (Leicester)

indigohero's comment about their FML

@22 Yeah that's exactly what I do now since this happened and @21 exactly. I swear some of the stuff people "donate" is ridiculous. It's clearly just stuff they couldn't be bothered to dispose of properly. One time, someone "donated" a small bag with a bundle of string and a rock in it (??) and another time someone had "donated" their old retainer..... just, why?

And @16 it's true we get money for bags of rags and damaged clothing that we can't sell, but we don't actively ask for items like this - we ask for "good quality items", and while it's not so bad just throwing torn or worn clothes in a bag, it's kinda disgusting to have to sort through used underwear, stained baby clothes and dirty old socks, to name a few things. People donating clearly don't think through that an actual person has to sort through this stuff when they hand it over.

Thankfully most of the stuff we get is fine though, there's just the odd few where you have to wonder what they were thinking. And generally I love working there, it's just nice to complain sometimes haha :)

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Today, I confided in my best friend about my recent weight loss, and how it was due to lack of appetite because of my horrible depression and anxiety. She congratulated me. FML


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On 01/19/2016 at 10:07pm - health - by lolhailsatan - United States (Michigan)

lolhailsatan's comment about their FML

Hey, OP here. First off I want to thank everyone who gave me advice, it really means a lot. I'm in highschool still, so it's really difficult to get help without dragging my folks into this (which I really don't want to do) so honestly, every bit of advice helps!
As for my friend, this was not a "looking for the positives to make you feel better" thing, it was definitely a "weight loss is always good no matter the method" thing. I am average weight, and honestly not really looking to lose any pounds right now, so the "compliment" wasn't taken by me in a good way, nor do I think it should have. I am constantly physically hungry, but the thought of eating often sickens me, and whenever I can stomach food, it's in small, unfulfilling amounts. It sucks, I have no energy, and my stomach is growling all the time. So yeah, this is is not a good weight loss method haha.
However, I talked this through with my friend, and she now understands that what she said isn't helpful. In fact she now is one of the most caring people for me whenever I am having problems. I'm glad I chose to explain things to her a bit more:)
Anyway, sorry this is so long winded! Thanks again for the advice and the kind words

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Today, whilst in church, my brother's Sunday school teacher asked him what he loved to drink, to which he replied, "Beer." We have no idea why he said that, and the church is still talking to my parents. FML


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On 01/17/2016 at 11:07am - kids - by ChiefKoala (woman) - United States (Tennessee)

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So actually, this is my FML, but i didn't know if it would let me do a follow up since I have a different user name. So now to tell the whole story. My brother was very young and my family isn't big on alcohol; the most they drink is during the holidays when they're with family. Anyway, The church basically exiled us because they thought we were all raging alcoholics. I just heard mom telling the story and thought i would post it. it goes to show that kids really will say the darnest things haha. He's 13 now and I'm 21, so now he knows what beer actually is, and definitely doesn't say that's his favorite drink.

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Today, I accidentally broke an expensive glass display shelf at work. My coworker joked, "Ooh, that's gonna come out of your paycheck!" My boss thought that was a great idea. FML


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On 01/15/2016 at 3:21pm - work - by 73012211 - United States (Texas)

73012211's comment about their FML

Hey guys! OP here. Here's a follow up and a clarification.

It was a single sheet of glass, about four feet long, and it fell as we were moving things around, breaking when it hit the floor. The glass shelves cost the store $200-$400 each, and we're always being reminded to be careful because they are so expensive. I was being careful, but the heavy shelf slipped in through my hands and the corner of the shelf hit the floor just right that it shattered.

My boss is kind of a jerk, with a weird sense of humor. My coworker was teasing me, and my boss thought it would be funny to play along and pretend he was going to charge me for it.

I posted this a little bit after it happened, before I talked to my boss, and I was pretty embarrassed, since I'm always so careful.

The end of the story is that I will not have to pay for the shelf (we have tons of extras in the back, we won't miss one).

Thanks for the support, everyone!

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Today, after being in a committed relationship for five years, I just found out that my girlfriend's parents have no idea that we are together. She says she "forgot" to tell them. FML


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On 01/15/2016 at 1:00pm - love - by joco4 (man) - United States (Alabama)

joco4's comment about their FML

OP here. First of all, thanks everyone for commenting and everything, a lot of your comments were very helpful!
Some clarification, we have talked about it before, and yes, I have met her parents as well as a lot of her family. Also, she has met my parents and family, and they know that we are together. The reason she has not told them has nothing to do with religion or because she is embarrassed by me. When we first started dating, she asked her parents what they would think if we started dating, and they effectively said "it would disgrace their family," so she just told them that we would not date, and since then, it seems that the topic hasn't come up with them again. The reason this whole topic came up is because, when her parents would call her, they would always talk about one of her exes, and how he was doing, (basically hinting that they wanted that relationship to happen again). After that happened a few times, I asked her about it, and she informed me that they actually didn't know about us being together.

Her parents always comment on how nice I am, and how I am a good person. The problem with her parents is that they live in the past. Even though it is currently 2016, her parents can't accept a relationship where I happen to be black, and she happens to be white. As far as her parents are concerned, I am just her friend that happens to hang out with her a lot, as for everyone else, we are very happily in a relationship. Her parents and some of her family are the only people who are out of the loop. So, at this point, we are just not worrying about them and they will find out on a later date. I would like them to know eventually, but it just seems like that wont happen anytime soon.

Feel free to leave comments if you want to know anything else!

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Today, my fiancée was asleep, so I decided to spoon her from behind and cup her boobs to wake her up nicely. She responded by yelling, "THE TOAST!" and elbowing me in the face whilst still asleep. FML


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On 01/15/2016 at 1:28am - intimacy - by mouse_13 (woman) - United Kingdom (Oxfordshire)

mouse_13's comment about their FML

OP here- really surprised anyone would think this was cruel, as we've ben together for a long time and therefore know each others boundaries! Makes me sad people have to see the negative in something that makes me smile!

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Today, I opened the cupboard and a bag of flour fell on my head, covering me from head to toe. Last night I got drunk, and set some booby traps up around the house for my roommate. I'd forgot that my roommate moved out a week ago. FML


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On 01/14/2016 at 9:13am - misc - by almostadult (man) - United Kingdom (Bath and North East Somerset)

almostadult's comment about their FML

Hey guys, OP here, thanks for the comments! I know I deserve it, drunk me is an idiot, and I think that's the last time I'm going to get drunk for a while... until drunk me knows that my roommate's left!

As for other traps, I also found out this morning that I had put some salt in the sugar (which was discovered after taking a sip of coffee), and vaseline or something like that on the bathroom doorknob. Hopefully those are it, but I have a feeling that there's going to be more.

My roommate moved out because he's moved to Ireland to be closer to his family, as he's been in England for about a year and a half but prefers Ireland. While he was here, we used to play pranks on each other a lot, but usually practical jokes like whoopee cushions or fake spiders in the other's bed. To be honest, it's a shame I didn't do this prank while he was still here!

Thanks for all those who commented/voted on it. No feeling like knowing your fails are public ;D

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Today, I almost died. My friends dragged me unconcious, hypothermic and half-drowned out of the sea. A helicopter took me to the hospital where they brought me back to life. My family's reaction? "You aren't dying so we don't have to come to the hospital." They wouldn't even bring me clothes. FML


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On 01/14/2016 at 7:11am - misc - by KereKris (woman) - Netherlands

KereKris's comment about their FML

OP here. I guess this needs a follow-up. I was in a sailing boat with some friends and although there were big waves, the wind wasn't too strong so we thought it would be safe sailing. We were wrong about that. An exceptionally big wave came up from behind. The boat started surfing uncontrollably down from it and eventually flipped. I was caught by a rope and dragged under water. Fortunately I had a safety knife strapped to my leg so I could cut myself free but it took some time and I lost consciousness before I could make it up. My friends dragged up on the upturned hull of our boat because they were unable to flip it back. The tide was rising so the current pushed us close to the shore. In the surf we were trown off again and because of the waves it was too dangerous to approach the boat again so my friends swam to the shore, dragging me behind them. I regained consciousness for a while but passed out again as soon as we made it to the beach. Hope this answers all your questions.

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Today, my anxiety was escalating so I decided to try an anti-anxiety adult coloring book to calm myself down. Too bad I got more stressed out about which colors l should use. FML


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On 01/11/2016 at 10:25pm - health - by _7_8_9__1 (woman) - United States

_7_8_9__1's comment about their FML

OP here! I love coloring, but the designs in my favorite book are so complex, it's difficult to find a number of compatible colors. I was trying to use mostly bright colors and ran out of selections. I am already medicated and in therapy for my anxiety along with other things. @18 thank you for the advice! I might do that one day and I'll let you know how it goes!

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Today, I was out with my brother and his group of very cute friends at a Cheesecake Factory. When the server came to take our orders, she asked me what kind of sauce I liked. Like a complete fuckwit, I blurted, "I like creamy white stuff." The guy across from me choked on his water. FML


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On 01/11/2016 at 3:17am - intimacy - by Bex98 (woman) - United States (California)

Bex98's comment about their FML

So, this is my FML. I'm not sure if it's verified, because I keep forgetting my passwords. Like a complete fuckwit haha. But anyways, this answer was prompted because I asked the server to describe the alfredo sauce, and she said: "It's creamy and white." Also, the FML about the veteran and his pickup line was also mine a few months ago, and of course I didn't have an account when I posted then either. Also, my brother did not willingly hang out with me haha. My family and a few other families were travelling together, and the teenagers, who all happened to be friends of my brother, went to eat together.

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Today, I was messing around and tried to catch a piece of cereal in my mouth. I accidentally slammed my head on the counter behind my couch. FML


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On 01/08/2016 at 3:06am - misc - by christinaannxo - United States (Georgia)

christinaannxo's comment about their FML

i honestly don't know. I was sitting on the couch eating fruit loops & thought "I'm gonna catch this" tossed a couple, caught them & then when I was feeling lucky BAM, counter. it's all fun & games until you slam the back of your head on a counter. lesson learned! (:

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Today, I saw an elderly woman drop $20 while shopping. Trying to be a good samaritan, I picked it up and tried to hand it back to her. She accused me of stealing it and beat me with her purse. The manager had to fend her off me. FML


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On 01/07/2016 at 12:42pm - money - by LittleGina (man) - United States (North Carolina)

LittleGina's comment about their FML

OP Here:
Hello, let me answer some questions I am seeing and straighten things up a bit. 1. I don't work here, I was a customer, therefore, it was not my manager, just the store's manager. 2. The elderly lady had not seen me walk up to her, I was unable to explain anything before I was being beaten with a purse and called a thief. So, I guess she saw me at the corner of her eye holding a $20 before any words came out of my mouth. I may just simply be giving her excuses, but I honestly think that's what happened. 3. The solution was that she was escorted out immediately, but she did get her $20 back. 4. Will she ever know the real story? I don't know, and frankly I don't care. 5. Don't worry, I still have good intentions, she didn't mess anything up!

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Today, after waiting in front of a washroom stall for 20 minutes to take a dump, I finally realized that the "person" in the stall was just a pair of shoes. FML


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On 01/07/2016 at 10:30am - misc - by potatoking24 (man) - Canada (Ontario)

potatoking24's comment about their FML

OP here, not only that but when I got inside the stall, there was piss all over the seat that I had to wipe away with toilet paper. And the stall smelled like ass.

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