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Today, my university considered it an "embarrassment" that I was going to be the first and only person to graduate from my engineering course, so they gave free passes to two guys who hadn't finished their thesis yet. They were congratulated in the newspaper; I wasn't. FML


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On 06/02/2014 at 7:10pm - misc - by jlmed (woman) - Colombia (Valle del Cauca)

jlmed's comment about their FML

OP here, since some are curious for updates here it is (I made an account for this!):

Sadly there isn't "more to the story", the University wanted more people to graduate and those two guys were the closest to the finish line (aside from myself). I have tried to raise hell, but since this is a very "macho" country no one is willing to back me up. Everyone knows it happened though. The rich old guys who run the University and took the decision in the first place can't even be reached, the only people higher up are government workers who are, of course, all men who are friendly with the rich old guys. Matters like these aren't exactly "priority" even if I did manage to reach an honest person in the government. I'm afraid I'm forced to "get over it" and just move on. Still pissed though.

So, I've decided to save up and move to a country where I have possibility of equal pay (another big issue here), so that's all I can tell you guys for now.

Thank you SO MUCH for your good wishes and back-up, it's nice to finally see people express the same anger as me. Oh and I graduated in IT Engineering, focused on multimedia, for those who were wondering.

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Today, I walked a student to an office on the other side of the school. I'm the kind of person who would rather make conversation than endure awkward silence, so I tried to talk to him. He just stared intently at my chest the whole time. FML


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On 06/02/2014 at 1:01pm - work - by Miss_Whipped - United States (Texas)

Miss_Whipped's comment about their FML

You're right, it was awkward with his head turned toward me the whole time. Working in the main office doesn't leave me a lot of room as to what I can say or do in front of the people I escort across the building (most of them sponsors from colleges or other organizations to pass out information during lunch). I think the worst I had to endure was this one pair of guys who did nothing but bad-mouth the school and the others that worked in my office. My only response was to take them down the longest, winding path to their destination as I could imagine. Other than that, I had to remain silent when I wanted to defend my school's honor.
As far as this kid, I ended up clamming up and stopped making any attempt to talk to him. I usually call people out on weird behavior, but I think that it was just the shock and disgust of it all that glued my mouth shut. I just walked back to the office silently and did nothing. What was I supposed to do, cry 'sexual harassment' this late in the school year? I've got 4 days left before I never have to attend high school again. I'd rather it go off without a hitch.
As for the 'I've got a nice rack' comments, I don't think it's appropriate to stare either way. Some things are meant to keep to yourself (or your own eyeballs).

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Today, I searched up ways to fix my eyebrows since they were so bushy and thick. I took my tweezers and set to work. It went to shit. So now, I have one completely straight eyebrow that makes me look like Bert from Sesame Street and another that's arched like Nina Dobrev's. FML


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On 06/02/2014 at 8:00am - misc - by LexiJ1 - Australia

LexiJ1's comment about their FML

Oh no I love the comments. You. Guys are actually kinda making me feel a little better. And I love the creativity!! I'm sorry for ruining my eyebrows but I'm not a Prick tyvm. Btw, I have school tomorrow....I can just imagine the round nicknames I'll get......-_-'

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Today, I'm babysitting two 6 year old kids. One of them won't stop screaming, and the other kid found his mom's vibrator and won't stop playing spaceship with it. The parents will be home in an hour. FML


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On 05/31/2014 at 2:40am - kids - by moomanjohnny - United States (California)

moomanjohnny's comment about their FML

I finally got the one screaming to calm down and go to sleep. I also got the vibrator away from the other kid by distracting him with my phone. Everything was good when the parents came home, until the kid told his mom about a cool "spaceship".

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Today, I learned that my daughter was looking for love in all the wrong places, specifically the county jail. FML


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On 05/28/2014 at 12:08am - kids - by _Ducks_ - United States (California)

_Ducks_'s comment about their FML

Hey, OP here. I can clear a few things up. She was nearly arrested for breaking and entering and saw a 'cute' boy at the jail. Every day since (without my knowledge) she went to the jail and talked to him. I found out last week.

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Today, I deliberately didn't tell my therapist half of what I was going through because I didn't want to depress her. FML


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On 05/27/2014 at 7:05pm - health - by JayCee500 (woman) - Sent from mobile version

JayCee500's comment about their FML

I'm the OP. I posted this after my last session with my therapist--I'd realized that this particular person wasn't working for me because I didn't really connect with her to an extent where I'd be able to tell her all my problems. This is the first time I'm seeking therapy, and from what people have said, it sometimes takes a while to find someone you are truly comfortable with. Just to be clear--I don't think that my particular problems are at all special, and they aren't even that bad when compared with half the shit people I know go through. It was just getting to the point where I was deliberately excluding things that had happened to me/that I felt because I considered them too "pathetic" to share. You can probably guess that one of my problems is that I care way too much about how other people perceive me.

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Today, I saw the script for the end of year assembly skit I'm forced to participate in. Looks like on my last day of high school, I'll be running around in a rainbow unicorn costume in front of my entire high school and their parents. FML


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On 05/25/2014 at 9:43pm - misc - by Banana_Lord - United States (California)

Banana_Lord's comment about their FML

Hi, OP here. I guess I should explain this a little better. On the last day of school, we have a big awards assembly and then hand out yearbooks at the end. Our yearbooks always have a theme and the people in charge do a little skit at the end of the assembly. Our theme this year is fairy tales, thus the unicorn costume (our mascot isn't a rainbow unicorn lol). I'm editor in chief so I can't just back out, and the other people involved are really excited about the skit, so I'd hurt their feelings if I told them how stupid I think it is. I ended up trying to get out of it by telling them I couldn't make it to the rehearsal, but they just switched my part to the narrator. Not quite what I was hoping for, but at least I don't have to do anything embarrassing.

You guys' comments made me laugh, and for all the people who said they would love to dress up as a unicorn, to each their own I guess!

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Today, my wife's cat ran away. After spending a lot of money making "Lost Cat" flyers and driving around for hours passing them out and searching for her cat, he walked downstairs. FML


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On 05/25/2014 at 8:47pm - animals - by PsychoBillyGoat - United States (Alaska)

PsychoBillyGoat's comment about their FML

My wife was worried about the cat because he is elderly and needs meds every 12 hours. He also has no claws ( we got him that way). He has never been outside before but lately he has been trying to get out. Also we live in Alaska, more to worry about then cars and dogs getting him

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Today, five minutes before closing, a woman came in to buy over $300 worth of clothing from the sales rack. My manager and I had to ring it all up, de-sensor it, fold it, bag it, etc. After it was all rung up, her credit card was declined. FML


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On 05/22/2014 at 10:32pm - work - by IntoTheClouds (man) - United States (Vermont)

IntoTheClouds's comment about their FML

So I couldn't fit the whole story into the FML, but we actually didn't have to re-stock everything (and for the record, there was a huge sale going on, so she got, like, fifty shirts). Her credit card got declined. She then tried writing a check, but her check was apparently declined (my manager had taken over the register at that point). She spent ten minutes calling her friends, who were in the mall, to get them to come and help, but none of them came, and then she tried another credit card she had, and finally it went through. It was extremely frustrating, because my manager and I missed the bus, which we needed to get home.

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Today, a customer left a Starbucks card in the tip jar at work. It was empty. I work at Starbucks. FML


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On 05/22/2014 at 8:54pm - work - by ashlan - United States

ashlan's comment about their FML

Yes we get tips. It adds an extra few dollars an hour. Why wouldn't we get tips? We provide a service.

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Today, at my job at a fast-food restaurant, I once again got called into the men's bathroom to break up sex between two homeless people. FML


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On 05/19/2014 at 11:34am - intimacy - by thepixies842 (man) - Canada (Ontario)

thepixies842's comment about their FML

McDonalds.. let the puns roll:)

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Today, I took my son to lunch. After we ate, the waitress came over and told me that my son was the most well-behaved child they had ever had there. His response was to pull his pants down and moon the entire restaurant while smacking his bottom. FML


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On 05/18/2014 at 8:12pm - kids - by BekkyLove15 - United Kingdom (Hampshire)

BekkyLove15's comment about their FML

Nope! He ripped the tweeds down before I even had a chance to get up and get to the other side of the table. He definitely knows the difference between right and wrong, and was spoken to VERY sternly when back in the car. Of course, the talking to May have been more successful if my 81 year old grandmother wasn't laughing so hard.

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