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Today, my boyfriend turned down a job that would have more than doubled his income because he didn't want to upset his current boss by quitting. FML


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On 04/14/2014 at 5:58pm - work - by heartmytrucker (woman) - United States (Tennessee)

heartmytrucker's comment about their FML

Ok, some details, My boyfriend is a truck driver, the job he was offered would have meant a dedicated run instead of what he does now, which is just hoping that the workers get his load ready in time, otherwise he ends up losing a day of work, he already knows that he gets paid less than most of the other drivers in our area. The biggest problem is that his boss is his stepfather and he felt like he would be leaving him high and dry. And I totally agree that money isn't everything, but this new job meant not just more money but also more home time to spend with me and our daughter. On the upside though after I sent this one we sat down and had a long talk and he did decide to take the new job after all (I think it helped that the new place told him they were going to buy him a new truck!).

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Today, I wanted to prove to my dad that I can drive, so that he'd let me use his car in future. Let's just say I helped him remove the fence that he was planning to repair. FML


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On 04/14/2014 at 2:54pm - misc - by nemesandr26 (man) - Romania (Timis)

nemesandr26's comment about their FML

OP here. Just to clarify it was a small fence(with decorative purposes), that you put next to flowers. Since the car is an SUV, I didn't see it. I didn't know it was there, because my dad took it from it's original place and put it on the grass.

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Today, my nephews discovered how to trick my washing machine into starting up while the door is still open. My laundry room is now flooded, and their mom refuses to accept any responsibility for it. FML


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On 04/13/2014 at 1:08pm - kids - by MisterGasMoney (man) - United States (New York)

MisterGasMoney's comment about their FML

My laundry room has been paid for, not by their mom, but by her husband, who I've known since middle school. I guess one of the kids told him about it, and I got a text apologizing and saying he would cover it! Problem Solved!

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Today, I was on a date with my boyfriend. As we walked back home from the cinema, he was checking his phone, when suddenly someone grabbed it and ran off. I had to be the one to go run after the thug because my 23-year-old boyfriend froze on the spot, crying. FML


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On 04/12/2014 at 5:56pm - love - by Ieri (woman) - Albania

Ieri's comment about their FML

Hey OP here o/
Lots of these comments cracked me up, you guys are awesome xD So here's the follow up:
In the end someone who saw what happened grabbed the guy and we could get the phone back (Yes, an iPhone) but he ran away, though it doesn't matter anymore. In response to the comments:
1.I didn't expect him to run after the thug just because he's male, I understand why he'd freeze up, I just didn't expect he'd start crying without saying a word and it was kinda embarrassing.
2.Yeah probably going after him wouldn't have been the safest thing to do, but caught in the spur of the moment that was all I thought to do. And calling the police wouldn't help where I am, they're practically useless -.- Calling for a robbed phone would do nothing.
3.I'm not breaking up with him just because of that, I love him, things happen, I'm not that shallow.
Thanks for your comments anyway xD

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Today, while already late for work, a cop pulled me over. When he got to my window, he said, "Oh sorry, I thought I knew you," and sent me on my way. I was relieved, but still got written up for being late to work. My boss didn't believe the story. FML


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On 04/10/2014 at 8:08pm - work - by mcmacmick97 (man) - United States (New Jersey)

mcmacmick97's comment about their FML

Just to clear some things up I was working the early shift, which I do on most Thursdays and Fridays. I work at a small diner that opens at 7 and had left my house around 6:40 and was going to show up around 7-7:05. My boss usually shows up around 7:15-:7:30. Now when this cop put his lights on behind me I turned down a street to get off of the main road I was on.I was getting my license/registration ready and all that shit and he pulled up to my window and said he was very sorry and he was just trying to say hi to an old friend that he said had the same car as i do. Now this road i pulled down didn't allow me to get back onto the main road, and I had to take a 15 or so minute detour to get back on track. I got there around 7:25 and my boss was already there. I was glad I didn't get a ticket, but it was still very frustrating because I would've only been a couple minutes late and my boss would never have known, but the police officer threw my time off. And ive only been working there for about 3 or so weeks so it sucks to get off on the wrong foot. I also noticed several of you talking about how many write-ups you can get before being fired, and for mine it's 3. Like somebody else said just sucks to waste one already, but i shouldnt have too much of a problem keeping myself in check. Now for the story I told him, I figured he wouldn't believe it, but had to tell anyway. He seemed more irritated that I was "lying" about being late so i probably shouldnt have even bothered. But thanks FML for posting!

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Today, my co-worker started talking in third person. Not only that, but he narrates his daily tasks. "Jeff reached for a stapler", "Jeff stapled a report". I have to sit beside this chimp for 8 hours a day, and nothing I say can end this. FML


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On 04/10/2014 at 8:20am - work - by war_monkey (man) - Canada (Ontario)

war_monkey's comment about their FML

It started on april fools with some very lame joke and he has decided to carry on with it and screw around. Thanks for all of the funny comments and yes, I wanted to punch jeff in the face. He has stopped and I showed him the published FML, XD.

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Today, my teacher used an online program and accused me of plagiarism. According to the program, I plagiarized my own last name. FML


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On 04/09/2014 at 5:57pm - misc - by zoegirl_455 - United States (California)

zoegirl_455's comment about their FML

Surprised this got posted guess it's twenty times the charm. So yes this fml needs a ton of explanation. The program my teacher used is turn it in. My percentage of plagiarism is 22%. Some of what is highlighted as plagiarism is my works cited and my last name, there's also some parts of sentences that are apparently plagiarized also. The paper was on historical events so much of what is highlighted are dates, names, and events. The things that my teacher said were "word from word from turn it in" were descriptions of historical events and similar things, and they were phrases, not whole sentences. When I looked at the source of plagiarism my words were apparently copied from a website I've never heard of, a student paper that I'm pretty sure is from another state, and a website I did use as a source in my paper and did cite. I did not plagiarize my paper, I spent a whole week writing it and a good portion of my weekend editing it. The most frustrating thing is that many people from my class spit out a paper two hours before it was due and got a higher grade. I am planning to talk to my teacher after school and clear this up. It's pretty ridiculous because in all my 12 years of school I've never been accused of this sooo I'm hoping my teacher will be able to understand.

To clear up the meaning of the FML, I was trying to say that my teacher basically used some program on the Internet to accuse me of plagiarism that just highlights anything that is remotely similar to something else, which resulted in a higher percentage of plagiarism. Hopefully this explanation wasn't too confusing and this cleared everything up!

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Today, a customer threw his hot coffee all over me, because it was taking "too long" for their credit card to be approved. FML


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On 04/09/2014 at 12:49pm - work - by cwl727 (man) - United States (California)

cwl727's comment about their FML

So I am doing a follow up on this because for some reason a different name was put as the author, I have contacted FML about it. This happened about 2 years ago when I worked at a theme park in Orlando. The guy was buying tickets and I told him that the computer told me I had to call the credit card company. I asked if he wanted me to use a different card and he said no and was fine with me calling to get authorization. I was on hold with the company and it was taking too long for him. He started complaining and I told him I was on hold but instead of calming down he threw his coffee on me. It was not scorching hot but it was hot enough that it did burn a bit. Security came over and escorted him off the premises and he is now banned from the entire company's property. I didn't sue in fact it was just another story to tell my friends and family.

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Today, things were getting heated with the girlfriend. We were mostly naked, but mostly wouldn't do, so I kissed her deeply and whispered into her ear, "You should lose some weight". Clothes. I meant to say clothes. FML


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On 04/08/2014 at 1:32am - intimacy - by Spooprfailed (man) - Canada (Manitoba)

Spooprfailed's comment about their FML

Hello folks. Just wanted to clear up a few misconceptions!
1) My girlfriend is both beautiful and very fit. Which is incredibly lucky about me because...
2) We laughed hysterically about it for a while, since it was just such a ridiculous thing to come out of my mouth.

The mood WAS ruined for a little while (but not for too long ;) she's THAT awesome), but we've been laughing about it ever since. I am very happy not single (despite my scumbag brain's best efforts).

And for anyone who things this reply sounds as if I had a gun to my head and was writing whatever my gf told me to... please call 911

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Today, I borrowed my friend's car to go deliver a tent I sold online. His possessive girlfriend tailed me, not knowing I was driving. She then rear-ended me when I stopped, thinking I was her man, and was cheating. When she realized the situation, she accused me of hiding him. FML


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On 04/07/2014 at 9:16pm - misc - by 91hayek (man) - New Zealand (Canterbury)

91hayek's comment about their FML

How nice this story got published! Thanks mods! 50% success rate! Anyway let me just jump in and quickly flesh out this story which needed more than 300 characters. This happened around september last year, but kept it in the 'Today' format for FML. I'm okay, she didn't come at any real speed because I was parked on a residential street outside the house of my buyer. I was calling the buyer on my phone when she hit me. As soon as I realized it was her I went into KRISTA MODE is what me and her now ex call it when handling her. Talking calmly and answering her questions as best I could - do NOT call a mentally unstable person crazy, especially when they're angry. The buyer came out with his friend and we got to convincing her we weren't some conspiracy of cheating men. She ended up leaving and I followed slowly to explain everything to my friend. She of course felt justified up to this day; her family is pretty rich so she got my friend's car fixed and then some. I lived with him so it was hard not to get caught up in their drama, and you learn what triggers her and how to avoid them. I guess he had a thing for a crazy rich girl, but they broke up after I moved out.

Oh and he was cheating and she wasn't. I didn't know it and felt bad I dismissed Krista that way. I learned a lot from that, not the least being listen no matter how 'crazy' it is, and it stops being crazy when its true. Listen to everyone, even if some are more tiresome than others.

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Today, I really needed to be cheered up a bit after having had a horrible, depressing weekend. Luckily the guy I've been dating for some time, and who I really like, invited me over for dinner. Apparently, he wanted to see me so he could tell me he thinks we should stop seeing each other. FML


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On 04/07/2014 at 9:49am - love - by doemetoch (woman) - Belgium (Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest)

doemetoch's comment about their FML

OP here (yeah, I decided to make an account.) You're all right about him being very polite and all that, he was super sweet and mature about it and I could see he felt genuinely bad. But you know... somehow it's easier if a guy breaks up in a stupid way, at least then you're like "ugh, whatever, I deserve better than this anyway!" Or is that just me?

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Today, it's the last day of my sign language class. At the end of the class, my teacher surprised us by speaking for the first time, also surprising everyone that she wasn't actually deaf. It wouldn't have been so bad had I not just given someone an answer to the test, thinking she couldn't hear me. FML


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On 04/03/2014 at 6:16pm - misc - by booboo300 (woman) - Canada (Ontario)

booboo300's comment about their FML

Definitely not going to defend myself, it was a dumb thing to do. Although, I did whisper, not shout, an answer just to get my friend on the right track. I totally respect my teacher and it was the kind of whisper that probably would have been tried in any class with a hearing teacher as well.
She was a great teacher and I think I learned better that way. There is a mix of deaf and hearing asl teachers at my school, though.
It was amazing though, because she didn't respond to phones going off, people sneezing, people walking in late (until she saw them) and even the people bashing asl and deaf people in the hall one day.

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Today, my grandmother is coming over to my family's house to stay for about a week or so. Apparently, the guest room window isn't big enough for her dream catcher, so she wants her cat to sleep in the guest room and she wants to sleep in my room. My parents support this. FML


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On 04/02/2014 at 10:25pm - misc - by themonesterman (man) - United States (New York)

themonesterman's comment about their FML

Update: The point of thr FML was not to complain about giving my room for my grandma, but it was to complain about:
A) Her reasoning for not taking the guest room.
B) The cat.

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