How to respect a dead person, lesson one: remember that he's dead. It might be obvious for some of us but not for everybody. How to apologize to the dead for being disrespectful? You don't! It's a trap guys, he's dead, don't send him a " I'm sorry" c...

How to respect a dead person, lesson one: remember that he's dead. It might be obvious for some of us but not for everybody. How to apologize to the dead for being disrespectful? You don't! It's a trap guys, he's dead, don't send him a " I'm sorry" card with a bear cub holding a big red heart on it, he won't read it anytime soon, he's too busy playing cricket with whoever there is up there. Dead people you can have fun with: Beetlejuice, the Addams family, zombies (and while you're at it, ask them what's in their head), Britney Spears' career. Short list, isn't it? So don't risk hurting an un-alive person, let's die laughing thanks to our today's artist Maxime Dupont!


Maxime, our 24 year old artist from Taillan, France, is actually about to move to Africa where he's been planning to go for years. Since he was a kid, Maxime knew he was born to travel all around the world, so once he graduated from high school, a freelance artist he decided to be, to be able to travel as much as possible. And now he's made enough money to remake "Around the World in Eighty Days", he packed, and signed his last French comic for us, lucky FML viewers, before the boat takes his car and leads him to a brand new world. We're doing it Carlito's way, starting by the ending. Let's take it from the beginning, shall we?

Maxime by Maxime

After high school, where he got his degree in graphic design, specializing in website design, Maxime got into ESMI, a French school specialized in illustration and animation. The director of this school bumped into Maxime when he was a little kid, he showed her his illustrations, hoping to just get the opinion of a professional. She did more than tell him what she thought about his work; she gave him the address of the high school he could go to, and gave him evening classes so he could able to one day apply to her school. Maxime is deeply grateful to this lady, who is the first to have believed in him and his work.

As for Maxime's website, it's problematic! For two years now, this young artist has been running a DA account that he fills with all the drawings he's made with his magical right hand, and as time goes by, he erases them. When he feels he progressed, he checks his old work and if he's not as happy with them as he used to be, he simply deletes them, and his DA viewers can only savor his brand new illustrations. You think there's not enough work to savor his talent for now? Be patient guys! Maxime is currently creating his own website where he swears he will be publishing his new AND old creations! He's aware once he will has finished his website, a lot of people will get to know him better, so it's pushing him to create the best illustration site ever.

Julie, Maxime's fiancée

What Maxime likes in life are simple things that made his life like walking on sunshine: he likes to paint with his fiancée Julie, and do comics, basically. His real pleasures are those moments where he sits with a notebook on his knees and a Chinese ink pencil and then draws what's around him, slowly, taking the time to enjoy the moment. You'll see how much Maxime likes to take his time to work; his drawings are filled with details, little anecdotes. Doing better each time is what fills his passion.

"-Between two suitcases here's our last question Max, why did you choose to take part in the illustrated FMLs with this particular story?
-I was reading all the FML stories, one by one. When I saw this one, I immediately had in mind the drawing I wanted to make. Drawing a cemetery was a first and so I decided to take up the challenge. Also, I just finished my studies and I wanted to keep a regular work rhythm. FML is the ideal website for an artist to be free with the style, the techniques, the story he wants. And them, you're reading by a lot of people, that is definitely cool. Plus, taking part in a universal artists' collective was a unique chance I couldn't pass by

click on this preview!

We're glad you didn't! Thanks for your participation Maxime and bon voyage!


Maxime's DA is here:


If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to [email protected] including a link to your website/blog. If you don't have one, attach some of your drawings. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with our lovely Alice, who would like to thank Christophe and Audrey for their support, who will tell you what you have to do!


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Omfg. i was on the compurter today
and i spend so Many money to farmville
so my compurte crashed
so now I borrow my grandma PC
with naked men in FML!

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Very interesting and very nice pics... but for f-'s sake, Africa is a BIG PLACE. Be specific! Say Algeria or Uganda or DRC or Zimbabwe or South Africa... it's like saying "Barrak Obama visited Europe today" or "JK Rowling made a brief visit to America"... Africa is NOT one frikkin country, what is WRONG with you people?!