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By phlox - 20/4/2019 18:00
Today, I realized I contemplate getting my affairs in order and suicide more than I do anything else. I'm married to my husband for 10+ years, have two kids, a great career, and a fully paid-for house. Whenever I try talking, I'm told I have nothing to be stressed about. FML
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By  aerith105  |  14

people who don't know what it's like to be depressed always say something
as stupid as that because they don't understand how hard it is. please talk to a therapist and get some help if no one in the family will listen

By  jurbul  |  13

Depression can take its toll on even the strongest of people. You have plenty to live for, but that doesn’t necessarily make life easy. Please seek help.

By  childlessmother  |  13

Listen I’m sure you have stress. Suicide is no joke but the fact that you can say it out loud means you want help. Remember one thing how would your child feel if they found you dead or found out that you killed yourself. It would actually devastate them and then they would be depressed. If anything else you have your kids to live for. Also I’ve been there not a therapist but you need outside of the house release.

By  KaD6  |  21

Please get professional help. Your kids don't want or need a dead mother and I'm pretty sure your husband doesn't want to be widowed either.

By  Carolyn Bodie  |  5

Just because life is “good” on the outside, doesn’t mean it is on the inside. Please get help, talk to a therapist, a trusted friend. I’m sorry you’re going through this. I just lost my cousin to suicide. On the outside his life looked perfect. Mansion house, wife, 2 kids. Government job. But he wrestled his demons. He tried sooo hard to make EVERYONE happy, when all he should have done was make himself happy! Sends a virtual hug from Edmonton Alberta! I am suffering from depression myself. After 14 surgeries, losing my successful career and being told kids are never in my future I’m trying to figure out the positives that are there.