By what the fuck?! - 2/12/2018 20:00 - United States - Hesperia
Today, I called my husband's mistress to confront her. Her husband answered and immediately began hitting on me. He asked what was taking me so long to join their circle and if I was as into dp as his wife is. I don’t know whether to vomit from rage or disgust. FML
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  PenguinPal3017  |  18

I agree. Doctor Pepper is actually pretty good, but I only drink the diet, carbs are the enemy.

By  Mungolikecandy  |  18

End of the day, the one who made the decision to cheat on you is your husband, not the woman he is cheating on you with (and her husband by the sounds of it(.

By  jac_1964_au  |  20

Clearly she is not his mistress , he is apart of her husbands enjoyment , clearly you and your hubb wants are not in the same boat, your hubb could actually be totally devoted to you , but you have to make choices , playing toghter with other couples could be fun , open your eyes a little

  Kaili McCoy  |  6

You tell people these are the kinda things you are into early on in a relationship, not after you are married. You don’t suddenly surprise people with kink and make their approval of it an ultimatum of the relationship

  Callyn  |  47

It is possible that the husband didn't know his kinks before marriage. That doesn't mean that it's ok for him to unilaterally change the parameters of the relationship, but it is possible.

  julfunky  |  26

Going behind your partner’s back and breaking the rules of your relationship is a piece of shit move no matter how you slice it. Whether or not he is actually “devoted” doesn’t change that.

  jac_1964_au  |  20

Being that there is so many divorces this could be another , the past has happened , there are choices to be made if the marriage is to survive , it is so easy to say divorce the [email protected]@ker , but the ripple effects are huge especially if there is a way forward .

By  xxWTFxx1981  |  19

Well at least you know it is just sex for him and he is not emotionally involved with her. Obviously your husband has sexual desires not being met and if your not open to explore them with him should probably part ways. good luck to you and sorry you are hurting at the minute...

By  interesting33  |  36

what is with these comments shaming the wife for having a cheating husband? What is with all the blaming her, suggesting she didnt out out or should be comfortable with this? This behaviour on his part is shocking . And if the mistress knew OP absolutely should confront them. If they didn't, OP should be able to tell them he has a wife!