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Théo Calméjane's illustrated FML

Hi gang! My name is Julien and I’m very happy to be with you for this week’s brand new illustrated FML. I’m so happy, I feel like rolling about like a turtle. This week, we’re trying something different. As you may know, FML was originally a French website, where FMLs are called VDMs, and is a huge hit amongst French-speaking people. This article and illustration are being published simultaneously on both websites, and we all hope that everyone will enjoy them. If it’s the case, this sort of occurrence may happen again in the near future.

This week we’re travelling all the way to Belgium, where our artist of the week resides. He’s 22, lives in Brussels and is called Théo Calméjane. “I’ve just finished my studies and I’m now working on cartoon and illustration projects and I’m trying to make a living from doing so. Besides that, I work in a small cinema.”

What is that you enjoy in what you do? What do you miss? “What I enjoy about cartoons is the relative freedom you have as a writer, no schedules, no constraints, only those that mean you have to drop in to work now and again, but in a really independent way. But at the moment I miss working alongside other people in a workplace.”

Amongst other news, Théo is a big part of the Les Machines, a publishing house based in Angouleme, a city in France where an international cartoon festival is held every year. “We oversee our own books in a completely independent way, from the creation of the story to printing, putting the book together, all the way to sending it out to bookshops and the festivals we take part in. With three other friends, we created the magazine CATAPULTE, which has just released its sixth issue.”

He went to art school in Angouleme and got a masters degree in cartoon design. “It was fun!” Now he runs cartoon workshops and would like to be published in the youth-orientated press. He’s also working on a project that contains several chapters, which he’d like to submit to a publisher. “It’s about holidays, fishing and walks in the woods…” We won’t fail to mention that our guest was nominated for the blog newcomer 2012 award, which is pretty classy. Right, next!

So, dogs or cats?
Cute cat.

What are the latest things you’ve liked, movies, music and cartoon-wise?
At the movies, Take Shelter and Drive! As for cartoons, the excellent “Clémence dans les cratères” by Cléry Dubourd and Didissque by Pierre Elahee from Na editions, a small publishing outfit I’d like everyone to get to know!

Who are the main artists that you like, and whose blogs you regularly visit?
I like Tom Gauled, Carl Bark, José Parrondo… As for blogs I often go to Bibliodyssey or Lezinfo, which are sites full of very interesting pictures.

Tell us what you enjoy in life, your passions, your hobbies, and your vices, and everyday pleasures.
I enjoy tennis, Ping-Pong, swimming, eating spaghetti, going to the beach, making snowmen. But the best is still a boiled egg in the morning.

Are you afraid of anything? If so, of what?
A classic phobia: spiders.

As an ending, ask yourself a question that you would’ve liked to be asked, and then it’s up to you whether you answer it or not.
Do you prefer Farfalle or Cannelloni? Cruel dilemma.


To check out this week’s illustrated FML, click here!


That’s it for this week: We leave you with some videos to have a look at while you wait for our next installment next Saturday. There’s a lot of talent in the US Air Force, even when singing Adele. I also wanted to introduce you to a guy who tastes ice cream in a really weird way, to conclude with a “That's a 10.” And as this week the illustrated FML is a bit exceptional, here is also a dad waking up his son in a Doom way. See you next time!


Got talent and want to take part in an upcoming illustrated FML? Send me and email to [email protected], without forgetting to give me the link to your blog or some of your artwork.

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  • Please, feel free to comment and share your thoughts about this new version of the Illustrated FML so we can know if you like it or not. Have a good day everyone!

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    See in context

  • Oh je préférais quand il y avait deux illustrations différentes pour ravir ma double nationalité ;)

    #3 - On 03/11/2012 at 9:03am by jfranco

    See in context



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