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Today, after the fourth time telling my roommate I'm highly allergic to her scented products, I came back to find all 6 of our wall outlets using Glade plug-ins. They were set to high. FML


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On 11/07/2012 at 8:38pm - health - by rahavan - United States (Washington)

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Um no, I passed out and wrote this after I was forced to go to the hospital by my floors RA.

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Today, I was told that my insurance will no longer cover my birth control as it's deemed "unnecessary" for a man, which, according to them, I've been since August. I'm definitely still a woman. FML


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On 11/07/2012 at 4:16pm - health - by pheebs314 - United States (Washington)

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to 18- I'm the op... I didn't realize I hadn't been signed in when I posted. Basically, I have had the for years and been using it for the same birth control for at least 5. I'm not sure what happened... Some clerical error I guess. I had it figured out but it was definitely weird.

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Today, I was bitched out by my supervisor because of my lack of "customer service" skills. I work at a jail and all my "customers" are criminals. FML


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On 11/07/2012 at 12:48am - work - by jailofc (man) - United States (Arizona)

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Hey everyone I am the OP,

I am a CO at a very "nice" jail as I like to think, we treat our inmates with respect as long as they show respect back ( I didn't mean to start a political debate here haha). Basically, I thought it was stupid to be bitched out about my "customer service" because that is a very strange thing to say about a jail, where SAFETY and SECURITY should be priority. And frankly, I don't believe my *accused* criminals should be served in any other way besides providing safety and security.

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Today, after nearly a year of headaches and fuzzy vision, I went to the eye doctor. It turns out I've had my contacts in the wrong eyes for a year. FML


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On 11/02/2012 at 11:39am - health - by Midnightpearls - United States

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TO ALL YOU PEOPLE ASKING WHY I WAITED: I'm at college and I still depend on my parents' income. I basically get one eye doctor visit a year because it's what we can afford. Alright, people?

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Today, I jokingly asked my girlfriend what she got me for my half birthday, to which she replied "A baby." She was serious. FML


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On 10/29/2012 at 2:10pm - kids - by JiggaJayZ - United States

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Nope she's prego. Broken condom. And we even took a morning after and that didn't work so yeah FML

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Today, my boyfriend and I were preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Sandy. I tasked him with going out to buy emergency groceries in case we lose power. He returned with dozens of microwave cup noodles. We're going to starve. FML


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On 10/28/2012 at 4:14pm - love - by cupnoodles (woman) - United States (New York)

cupnoodles's comment about their FML

OP here! My boyfriend bought regular cup noodles, but our building uses electricity for hot water. We ended up buying one of those hot plates, which was a good investment!

Although his comment was really uncalled for, speaking respectfully to #1, I think that everyone has their own issues to deal with. We use this site for each others entertainment and to tell others general issues we have as people. Similarly to how you MIGHT post about getting stuck at home from, what maybe many New Yorkers consider, a little amount of snow and saying FML, I am doing the same about about a, what you consider, little category 1 storm. I hope your mood turns around because taking it out on someone you don't know over the internet will only cause a lot of psychological damage to you and potentially someone who is not self-actualized or confident.

The area we live in is currently in danger of a power outage, but I think we're ready for it! Thank you everyone for all their warm prayers and so much more! :)

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Today, I was taking a walk with a girl I really like. Trying to impress her, I mentioned I'd just learned how to do a front flip, and she told me to prove it. I did the flip, but stumbled forward on the landing and smacked head-first into a pole. She's still laughing. FML


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On 10/27/2012 at 8:12pm - love - by RedFox12 (man) - United States (Pennsylvania)

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I wrote this. My head is fine and the girl doesn't think I'm an idiot or anything. It was just a funny/embarrassing thing that happened. I'm just surprised I actually got something published on here :D

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Today, I went bowling. I noticed a 10-year-old holding an iPod Touch which had the exact same customized case with my name on it as my iPod that was stolen a year ago at the same bowling centre. Even better, the parents yelled at me for accusing him. I got kicked out the bowling centre. FML


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On 10/26/2012 at 5:40am - misc - by davifilo (man) - Australia (New South Wales)

davifilo's comment about their FML

Hey, I was the one who made this FML. I was pretty surprised when I found how popular my FML had become. What actually happened was I saw him playing in the arcade and was on ''his'' iPod, and I noticed it was EXACTLY the same as my iPod. It was a 4th gen, had the same custom case with a beach background and my first and last name on the back just under the camera. So of course like any normal person I went up to the kid and asked if I could see his iPod and politely told him that it was my iPod he was holding. Of course like other 10 year old little spoilt shits he said ''NO ITS MINE'' then he ran over to his parents who were bowling a game at the time. I walked over to the parents and told them that my iPod was stolen a year ago, had my exact first and last name on the back and they just simply said: ''Well that doesn't make it your iPod. Your just accusing my son of doing something he didn't do. Then the parents got all pissy and let me see the iPod. I noticed that the little turd had my iPod factory resetted and obviously the kid wasn't smart enough to take off the case or else he would of kept it forever. The parents were all on me and caught some attention from the staff and the staff asked me to leave. At this point I felt like kicking the little shit in the nuts, taking it and run away but I couldn't do anything about it. Yesterday I had called the cops and they could retrieve it if I had enough evidence to prove that it was my iPod. I told them the serial number and the details of the case. Luckily I knew their parents first and last names because of the screen on the bowling lane. I should be getting the iPod back shortly but for now I'm stuck here playing Minecraft. lawl

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Today, I got back my history paper. The whole paper had been crossed out and at the end, my professor had written "Really?!" I still don't know what I did wrong. FML


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On 10/25/2012 at 4:07am - work - by winterbee123 - United States (Oregon)

winterbee123's comment about their FML

Hi all - I'm OP. I actually went to talk to my teacher and it turns out when he tells us to do "citations" he automatically assumes we know he actually means "footnotes". I accidentally started crying during our meeting and I think it freaked him out, so he's offering me a chance to rewrite it! Ah, the power of a girl's tears!

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Today, I found a ticket on my motorcycle for not parking in a designated spot. The space I had parked my bike in was occupied by a large van. Some asshole had moved my bike. FML


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On 10/25/2012 at 3:08am - money - by Kallian - Australia

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I actually feel much more comfortable on my bike than in a car. When I was 15 someone crashed into the side of my mums car, right where I was sitting. The passenger seat I'd been in was completely crushed. Many of my bones were also crushed. Guess I'm just afraid of getting trapped in a car like that again.

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Today, my boyfriend and I were having sex, and I asked him to call me something sweet. He called me Honey Boo Boo. FML


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On 10/22/2012 at 11:18pm - intimacy - by TypeOhNegative (woman) - United States (Nevada)

TypeOhNegative's comment about their FML

Hello. I'm the original poster. My boyfriend and I saw Honey Boo Boo for the first time the night before. He had it stuck in head and he just blurted it out. I laughed, he laughed too, and it's just a funny story to tell people. We're not fans of Honey Boo Boo, FYI.

To get revenge, I tell him he has the sex appeal of Mitt Romney's voice, haha.

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Today, I tried to tell my best friend how wrong she is to be dating a married man, whose wife happens to be pregnant with their first child. Our talk ended with her calling me a "meddling, frigid bitch" and me being told this is why I can't get laid. FML


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On 10/20/2012 at 2:50pm - misc - by Dillyduzit (woman) - Australia (Victoria)

Dillyduzit's comment about their FML

OP here. It's been three years since the incident, and I finally took the time to read all the comments and figured I can now do a complete follow-up.
My best friend and I were in our senior year of high school, and the married man she was seeing was a few years older than us. I didn't know him or his wife. Basically, the guy had a long-term girlfriend who he left because he moved across the country, where he met my best friend. She dated him and lost her virginity to him, so he was her "first love" and that whole deal. He went back to his old town to visit friends and family, slept with his ex, and then came back to my best friend who didn't know. He found out his ex was pregnant, dumped my best friend, and married his ex who moved across the country to be with him and raise their family. My best friend was heartbroken, but I guess he was telling her that he still loved her and was only married to his wife because she was pregnant, but he would eventually leave his wife for her. She- being vulnerable and young- believed it and kept seeing him.
Looking out for my friend's best interests, I tried to tell her that what she was doing was wrong- not just for the wife and kid, but for herself, because he obviously was using her and had no intentions of leaving his pregnant wife. She didn't like what I was saying and essentially told me to fuck off. I didn't tell the wife (even though I wanted to) because I didn't know her and didn't need my best friend to be mad at me. I was kind of afraid of her because she has a very aggressive personality and I've always been very passive.
But anyway, she eventually found someone else and ended things with the cheating asshole. It took some time though.
Nevertheless, her and I are still friends. We dropped the "best" though and I keep her at arm's length because new incidents have arisen throughout the past couple of years that made me realize she doesn't deserve my friendship. Karma also helped a girl out and I'm happily married while she still searches for someone who will love her despite the fact that she's crazy. And you best believe I've been keeping my husband far away from her.

Thanks for reading! Sorry this was so long.

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Today, my mom was feeling down, so I decided to buy her a gift. Knowing she likes lighthouses, I bought her a tiny one that plugs in and lights up. I brought it home, plugged it in, and when she saw me with it, she said, "Wipe that smirk off your face and get that junk out of here." FML


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On 10/19/2012 at 10:37am - misc - by NoorFML - United States (Louisiana)

NoorFML's comment about their FML

Meh. I just have the lighthouse put up in my closet. I will give it to her on a happy day like her birthday.

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