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Today, upon hearing of the death of Nelson Mandela, I posted a link on Facebook to the South African children's hospital in his name and donated. I was completely ignored whilst my newsfeed became clogged by my middle-class friends with "RIP Nelson Mandela" and photos of Morgan Freeman. FML


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On 12/05/2013 at 7:43pm - misc - by purebliss - Australia (New South Wales)

purebliss's comment about their FML

OP here :)
Some of you have taken this the wrong way so let me clarify -
I was in NO way trying to garner 'likes' for donating to the Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital. I never even mentioned that I donated, I just posted the link and a little comment saying Please donate in honour of his memory.
I assume no one donated because they didn't say anything and I just think it's a bit sad because even a couple of dollars goes a long way.
Not many of my friends would have heard of the hospital either so I thought if I brought it to their attention they could donate and help the children in South Africa receive the care and treatment they desperately need. I believe it's a great way to honour Nelson Mandela's memory.

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Today, my wicked mother has been with us for a week. She's already thrown away my daughter's favorite toy, broke my computer, scratched my oak table, stained my most expensive shirt, peed in our bed, and called the attention of the cops by staring at kids in school. She's staying for three months. FML


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On 12/05/2013 at 11:50am - misc - by longlongwinter (woman) - United Kingdom (Southampton)

longlongwinter's comment about their FML

Thank you for all your comments, it made me laugh for the first time in a week.

Answering your questions, she's 67, in good health, and apart from a bad knee and weak bladder, she'll be around for many years, living independently. Her family is full of centenarians (FML again). She's neither senile nor mentally ill, but she came from an European aristocratic family (technically, she's a baroness), grew up with 12 personal servants, married into a very wealthy - but plebeian - family, and together they squandered every little penny they had. She divorced and had to raise three kids on her own, in relative poverty (one servant is not enough), had to work for a living (how shameful!), and poured all her frustration and bitterness on us.

Of her three kids, the one that lives closest to her is 5000 miles away. I confronted her many times on what she thinks about that, if she says that it's wonderful, because she can travel more. She insists on spend three months with each of us, and three months on her city. We have no choice but to oblige, otherwise she manages to make our lives even more hellish. She got to the point of denouncing my brother-in-law for an nonexistent domestic violence episode to the police, from 8000 miles away.

She does not have pure evil intent in her actions. The thing is, the only thing she's interested in is herself and her reputation. She doesn't care for our stuff, our lives or our emotions, she doesn't pay attention to anyone (she called her sister on Skype while I was talking to her), and the only thing that grabs her attention is gossip, so she can start blabbing how much better than the others she is. She's just a vain and vacuous self-absorbed ex-rich girl that happened to get old. Think Paris Hilton.

For those saying that I should kiss her feet because she carried me for nine months and suffered for my birth, here it goes: she demanded a general anesthetic for all births, had a boob job and a tummy tuck on the same surgery I was born, and only saw me when I was a month old. She only turned into a hands-on mother when she got flat broke and had to fire the nannies.

But no worries. I made sure for her that this is my home, so my rules apply. She's trying to behave.

Oh, my husband is a saint with infinite patience, and excuses her for everything. And my mother-in-law is the best person I've ever met, and compensated for all the hurt my mother inflicted. :)

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Today, I was gushing about my love for Disney princesses when someone told me I "definitely needed to calm down." By whom? A four-year-old girl. FML


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On 12/05/2013 at 12:40am - kids - by vin_dex (woman) - United States (Illinois)

vin_dex's comment about their FML

OP, hi! I can definitely be talkative sometimes, but that's actually not what happened here. I was at my friend's house and we were trying to pick a movie to watch when I noticed they had Aladdin. We got into a silly argument over whether to watch that or some action flick when I started dramatically singing and talking about all my favorite Disney princesses for laughs. Little did I know, during that time, my friend's little sister had wandered in and was staring at me. The whole room quieted down and then we heard that little bit of sass- "You definitely need to calm down." We all laughed so hard we cried.

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Today, my girlfriend wants to make a video of us having sex for us to watch later and figure out how to improve our skills in bed. The problem is her choice of cameraman: her uncle. FML


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On 12/02/2013 at 12:11pm - intimacy - by eastsiderounder (man) - United States (Utah)

eastsiderounder's comment about their FML

OP here. Yeah, this ended the relationship on the spot. Especially with how I reacted to it. I believe my exact words were, "no! That's *expletive* gross!" She rebutted with, "it wouldn't be so bad, we've seen each other naked several times before." Referring to her uncle. That did it for me. It's not as bad as pedophilia, they're only a few months apart, he's older, but both over 18. Still I can proudly say she is my ex-girlfriend now and can do whatever the hell she wants with her uncle. This was literally the first red-flag I'd had in the three months since we've been dating. I was all for filming a video, and didn't think it even needed to be said that we'd be using a tripod, or perhaps setting the camera on a shelf, apparently, she had other ideas. It's too bad too, she was actually a decent girlfriend. Ah well, I'll cut my losses and move on.

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Today, I dyed my hair. And my forehead. And my ears. And my arms. And my hands. FML


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On 12/02/2013 at 8:47am - misc - by MissDQ - Australia (Western Australia)

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I've been dying my hair since I was 14, so know what I'm doing. I just now live in a tiny house with a tiny bathroom and my hair is just shy of my butt.
I usually use a mirror to make sure I'm ok, but because of the length of my hair I have to do it upside down over the bathtub. It got on my arms while doing the main body of my hair, ears and forehead are a no brainier and I had a couple of spots drip down the gloves while I was doing the ends.
I managed to get it off my face thankfully because I had to go out in public. The box said to use a wet towel with shampoo on it when you rinse it out, which I did and it didn't seem to be working so I attacked my face with exfoliating gloves and it did the job. I've now got to work out how to scrub the purple off the vanity and in the bathtub. I do wipe it straight away but it stains right away too.
It's a super dark mahogany since I have to use 2 bottles. Looks blackish in the shade and red in the sun. Came out far better than I expected and I've never gone dark before so it's a nice change. Adds to the 'new me' thing I've got going.

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Today, my 5-year-old decided that it would be a great idea to try to paint her nails in secret. As a result, I now get to learn how to remove copious amounts of dark nail polish from a wide variety of materials, including my apartment's 1/2-inch thick shag rug. FML


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On 12/02/2013 at 1:18am - kids - by Fortunato_18 (woman) - United States

Fortunato_18's comment about their FML

Just a couple of points I wanna touch on:

1) the shag rug: haha not my choice! It came with my apartment, where the rug is one of the least awful things about it.

2) I know I should have had the nail polish out of reach, but we were planning on painting my daughters nails as soon as one of us got the chance. She's never done anything like that before so I didn't think to lock it up. We did have a chat about it though, and it hasn't been an issue since (this happened a few weeks ago)

3)Thank you for the removal tips! Hopefully I can find one that works :)

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Today, my fiancé left me waiting at the train station for two and a half hours because he offered his ex-girlfriend a lift to her friends wedding that was a few cities away. I normally wouldn't have minded, but I'm 6 months pregnant and it was pouring with rain. FML


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On 12/01/2013 at 10:16am - love - by ali456 - United Kingdom (Dudley)

ali456's comment about their FML

For those who are saying what he did was 'quite fishy', I have to agree.
His excuse was, and I quote, "I only realised I had to pick you up half way through the journey, and there was no point turning back".
I'm currently not speaking to him, for pretty obvious reasons, and he's now staying at his parents house.
The reason I 'normally wouldn't have minded' is because if I wasn't pregnant, and if it wasn't raining, I easily could've caught the bus or walked home and sorted him out afterwards! He is also friends with his ex, and I've met her and spoken to her on quite casual terms before.
And for the people who called me a 'chump' and said that I 'shouldn't have gotten pregnant in the first place', thank you - I'll keep it in mind for next time!

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Today, I got accused of trying to steal clothes because I was taking so long in the fitting rooms with only a couple of items. I got stuck in one of the shirts I was trying on. FML


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On 11/30/2013 at 4:07am - misc - by MissDQ (woman) - Australia (Western Australia)

MissDQ's comment about their FML

OP here.
Someone else pointed it out to the attendant that I'd been in there for a while and since I'm 'a kid' I MUST have been trying to steal something. The attendant just quietly asked if they could check my bags and stuff the same way they do if you leave the store without buying but have bags in your hands.
I'm not big, but I do have big boobs. Some clothes go on fine but when you go to take them off they won't go over them and you start to panic.
I'm a fairly standard size and I do often go one size up, but this was one of those sheer tops with the singlet underneath and those suckers don't stretch and it's hard for anyone to get them off if they're lucky enough to work out where their arms are supposed to go and can get the thing on. Heck, my mum is tiny and there's been plenty of times I've had to help her pull something over her head because she's stuck.
It's not normally a store I shop at but was out with my family which I haven't done in a long time as I lived away till recently and they had a great deal, so why not ? I'm not going to sue them, there's no point ? The store didn't accuse me, some asshole who can't mind their business did.
To top it off, I went through the self serve checkouts and the alarm went off as I walked out and the attendant pulled all the bras I bought out of the bag in the doorway to make sure they didn't have any of those big plastic security tags on them. I did have a DVD for another store in my bag and we put it down to that.

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Today, I was proud when I started a confrontation with my best friend's brother because he is a sexist pig who treats women like crap. Six hours later my pride was gone: I made him an after-sex sandwich. FML


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On 11/30/2013 at 2:35am - love - by Ashamed_Sister (woman) - Namibia (Windhoek)

Ashamed_Sister's comment about their FML

He just asked me if he can have something to eat. When I finished the sandwich I realized the irony.

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Today, I was quite drunk so I decided to take a piss kneeling down, so I wouldn't miss. I dropped the toilet seat on my little soldier. FML


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On 11/25/2013 at 6:22am - health - by Cian_1 (man) - United Kingdom (Oxfordshire)

Cian_1's comment about their FML

What else am I to call something that keeps saluting me? ;D

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Today, I realized my wedding ring had fallen off while doing yard work the previous day. Luckily, I only worked in a few areas, so I had high hopes of finding it. That is until a storm came through, blew half a foot of leaves all over the property, and then froze them with sleet. FML


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On 11/24/2013 at 3:32am - misc - by midnightsun1143 (woman) - United States (Texas)

midnightsun1143's comment about their FML

OP here! The ring had always been so tight that I couldn't get it off, but I guess loosing baby weight combined with the cold weather, my finger shrunk enough. I agree with commenters... I found it extremely odd that I didn't notice... Maybe a case of missing limb syndrome but with a ring? Anyhow, after spending a morning raking the leaves in freezing rain, I FOUND IT! An FML win! (Oh, and #55 sleet does freeze leaves when you live in Texas and the ground is warm enough to melt the sleet but the wind cold enough to re-freeze it. But we can compromise and say we are both right because it has been alternating between freezing rain and sleet for a little while now). WIN!

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Today, my parents grounded me for being "addicted" to drugs because I've been taking pain meds every four hours. I had my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday, and my face is badly swollen. FML


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On 11/23/2013 at 6:56pm - health - by lauren_crewd - United States (Alabama)

lauren_crewd's comment about their FML

This is the OP here, my parents are incredibly worried about me taking the medicine because two of my three brothers are recovering drug addicts. I was visiting a friend who called my brother to come pick me up because I kept falling asleep mid-conversation as a side-effect to the medication. My parents assumed I was abusing them because of their past experiences with my brothers. They're incredibly understanding about the pain, but they're just scared.

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Today, I ended up talking to a homeless man and bought him a meal. In return, he hugged me and groped my ass. FML


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On 11/23/2013 at 5:48am - misc - by meesmees - United States (Maryland)

meesmees's comment about their FML

Though Ed, the homeless man, was actually very nice to talk to, I'd rather not be felt up

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