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By  RichardPencil  |  28

You'd better start sleeping with a muzzle.

That kid is going to poison you someday and you can really choose to sleep with your mouth shut. Besides, the Hannibal Lecter look might out-creep your creepy kid.

  weeping_willow  |  25

Even with a vaccination, a child can get the chickenpox. Sometimes the actual vaccine brings it on.

Plus a lot of doctors say it’s a hell of a lot safer for the child to just get the chickenpox while stillyoung rather than get the shot.

  Abi Penswick  |  7

It's only part of childhood vaccination in the usa as far as I'm aware. here in the uk we make sure our kids get it young, like as toddlers, once they've had it their immune. rare cases they dint develop immunity, I didn't so have had the vaccine but the vaccine increases risk of shingles
kids will be vaccinated if theres a relative at high risk who cant be vaccinated or parents vaccinated if the kid is high risk (immunocompromised or has cancer etc)

  rotflqtms_  |  18

I mean... not every single thing needs a vaccine. My mom had me get the Chicken Pox when I was 5. I got to stay home, she took care of me with some pink stuff and I survived. She vaccinated me for everything else, but tbh, the vaccine can sometimes give you it too, and it was better to get it young. And I'm now immune to the chicken pox (though not shingles, but that'd be the case if I got the vaccine too) AND that was one less needle I had to get, and at that age, I'd take the chicken pox over a needle any day.