You'll Probably Go Straight To Hell For Laughing At These 20 Tweets

So when you say God is always watching, do you mean like always, always? Like literally always? Because FML that sucks.


1. That's fuckin' right.

2. Stop complaining. 

3. For fun. The answer is for fun. 

4. Get some sun, kids.

5. Regrets.

6. Uh, that's kinda fucked up guys.

7. *Whiny voice* but daaaaaa-aaad.

8. *high five*

9. This is the way things are done around here. 

10. Seriously soooo nice of you.

11. The earth was an assignment God waited until the last minute to do.

12. It's whatever, I could whip one together in like 5 minutes.

13. Someone give this guy a Tic Tac.

14. Just yer average supper, super caj.

15. This seems like an overreaction.

16. Ayyyyy

17. God damnit, Dave.

18. Ok good plan.

19.This was for sure how it went down, guys.

20. Toootally getting to second base tonight.

By Nadine / Wednesday 16 May 2018 15:58 /
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By  BurnInDemonFire  |  30

Moses: "God spoke to me directly, and gave me the Ten Commandments."
Noah: "God also spoke to me, and my family and I saved animals for his new world."
Jonah: "God spoke to me, as well. He... he made me... live in a whale..."
Moses: "Loser."

By  Leeono  |  26

I always liked what that Bill Hicks said about crosses. “Christians wearing a cross is like people worshipping JFK wearing mini rifles around their neck”

You really think if Jesus returns he wants to see THAT.