You Can Now Pay To Attend A Real Indian Wedding

Is wedding tourism the next big thing?

Weddings are a huge deal worldwide. Marriage traditions and customs vary from country to country, but no one does them quite like India does.


Indian weddings are different in the various regions of the country, but overall they're known for be huge bright colorful events with lots of food and dancing. If you've watched Bend It Like Beckham, you know what we're talking about. These opulent weddings are a bfd in every sense.


Weddings are traditionally kept to family and friends, but it's no surprise that outsiders want an inside look at Indian festivities. When offered a chance to check out the food, the outfits, the music, and the customs up close, we're setting weirdness aside and going for it, thanks to a startup called Join My Wedding.



Yeah, this is a real established thing and not a one-time "we allowed strangers to attend our wedding" kind of deal. So how does Join My Wedding work? An Indian couple just has to list the details of their wedding to the website and wait for international travelers to buy tickets to attend. The startup takes a cut, of course, but most of the money goes to the couple.


In a CNBC feature, one of the startup's co-founders, Orsi Parkanyi, said that over 100 Indian weddings have been attended by travelers already thanks to the website.


"Experiencing all the cultural elements at once, meaningfully connecting with the locals in India, that's a huge motivating factor for the travelers. It's a safe experience. You attend an event with hundreds of people, you're a distinguished guest, people look after you." -Parkanyi, Co-Founder of Join My Wedding


It's kind of hard to believe that so many couples would be okay with perfect strangers crashing their weddings, but it seems to be going well so far. An explanation for this willingness to share such a special day was offered by Ashish Boobna, director of weddings and events at Ferns N Petals, an Indian wedding planning company. He suggested that for some Indian couples, the idea of inviting foreign travelers to partake in their wedding celebrations could be a way to make the whole affair appear more "show biz" and extravagant, which is considered desirable by many.


Sooo no harm no foul? If you want your big day to be even bigger, invite some international strangers! If you've got the money and the time, hop on over and enjoy a traditional wedding! Join My Wedding gives you a rundown on how to act and what to do, so don't worry about embarrassing the entire western world with a dumb faux pas. When in doubt, just be polite and get out of the way.


If you're not Indian but you think strangers would enjoy crashing your party, you're out of luck for now. Join My Wedding is "Currently available only in India, expanding soon." You can request new locations via the button on their website though!


How about it then? Would you attend an unknown Indian couple's wedding? Would you allow a stranger to attend yours?

By Gloria Borger / Wednesday 17 October 2018 16:17 / United States
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By  ohsnapword  |  21

I guess that girl had the right idea charging admission to her wedding.

By  ohsnapword  |  21

I guess that girl had the right idea charging admission to her wedding.

By  Callyn  |  47

Indian wedding traditions certainly vary from Western ones, but one thing is the same. There's a big celebration after the wedding. You're basically paying money to get into a local party with traditional food and dance and all that. It's not something that I would do, but I get it.