Woman Borrows Cousin's Hand For Engagement Photos

Timing is everything!

Everything about the wedding industry seems to have to be picture-perfect nowadays, especially the proposal. What's a girl to do if her manicure appointments don't line up with her man's proposal plan? Bring in a stunt-double!


Twitter user Jenna found herself loaning her own manicured hand to her cousin for her engagement photos this week and the result is pretty hilarious, and at the same time surprisingly believable.



That's right, it's the happy couple holding flowers and kissing, and it's cousin Jenna wearing the ring, raising her hand high, and squatting just out of frame. We wouldn't be too surprised to hear she's done hand modeling, because this girl is working like a pro.


Her photography skills, however, may need a little practice.



As Jenna explained in follow up tweets under her viral post, her newly-engaged cousin works as a nurse and doesn't get regular manicures.



Apparently the proposal caught her totally by surprise, so her nails didn't stand a chance!



If you want to hear more from Jenna and the happy couple, Diana and José, there's more to come on Instagram.



We may not be following up with them, but we really appreciate Jenna's dedication to her role. Not everyone would put in so much effort to help their cousin look their best.


What's the weirdest thing you ever did for family?


By Gloria Borger / Monday 5 November 2018 23:23 /
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By  queeneevee  |  4

I ate this red meat fish thing at a restaurant, my family didn’t know what it was, neither did the chefs, workers or waiters, and to this day I still don’t know what I ate 😐

  KittyMack  |  13

Yeah it seems insanely shallow right? I hope this was all done tongue-in-cheek in a brief comedic impulse. 'Cause if she truly is the sort to be ashamed of having hands that look responsible, capable, dignified... wtf sort of person thinks that way!?