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By  samomaha  |  16

From a friend? Maybe you all went out one evening together. Perhaps she went out with his wife/GF once. Any number of perfectly acceptable reasons come to mind. Along with those already mentioned by other commenters. Be extremely careful how (or even IF) you proceed with this accusation becuase no matter how it came about or how it ends, this will be 100% life changing. You don't know ANYTHING other than you found AN earring in a car you just bought. Once you make accusations, you cannot take them back no matter what.

By  Duc du V.  |  23

What does it mean ? It means that your wife is desperately looking for her lost earring ... So, she will be more than happy when she gets it back, thanks to her beloved husband ...

  Duc du V.  |  23

C’est la vie...

  goodernme  |  19

If that were me, I would notice. First of all, every pair of earrings my wife wears nowadays have been gifts from me over the years and secondly, I notice things: if my wife wears a new skirt, I’ll notice, if she changes anything I notice. Not that I would ever suspect my wife of doing that...