Watch Out For Your Remote Dildos Now That Studies Show Just How Easy They Are To Hack

For those of you into remote-controlled sex toys, you might want to rethink taking them out to play because researchers say that just about anyone can hack them. FML for anyone trying to discreetly do the deed... you may have some unwanted partners joining in.

The Internet of Things may be making people’s lives easier, especially with home assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home controlling your connected devices for you, but with the rise of connected devices comes the rise of hacking and let me tell you, hackers these days are into some weird shit.

We’re not talking about hacking into your neighbor’s bluetooth printer and sending them a mysterious printout of dickbutt. Compared to modern day hackers, that’s baby stuff. Modern day hackers are certified Digital Underground-level freaks and they are coming for everything from your teddy bears to your sex toys.

Oh no! Not my butt plug!

Yep, even your butt plug is in danger. By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of the we-vibe scandal in which the company producing the wifi-connected vibrator tracked and recorded information about about their users, including times, dates, and lengths of sessions. But that’s not the hackable sex toy on the market. This is the golden era of teledildonics (which is a real word, by the way) after all, and you can even buy male and female sex robots nowadays.

To test the cybersecurity of connected sex toys, the Pen Test Center conducted a study to see how many connected sex toys they could connect to in Berlin. They had their eye on one toy in particular - The Lovesense Hush Butt Plug. This beauty right here.

These penetration testing researchers unironically purchased one of these toys to study the products security weaknesses and found that most toys like these came either came with no PIN code, or a generic PIN code, like 1234 or 0000, for example.

“Screwdriving” Around Town

What they did next is the fun part. They took their phones to the streets to see just how many of these poorly protected bluetooth devices they could connect to. One of the researchers, Alex Lomas added:

“We had to give this a name. It didn’t take long: hunting for Bluetooth adult toys = screwdriving.”

To no one’s surprise, especially in Berlin, they were able to locate a number of such sex toys, though they did not connect to them. Lomas notes that they were not out to embarrass anyone, just test the toys’ security. Furthermore, he says:

“It’s important at this point to say that we’ve not set out to kink-shame anyone for their use of these devices”

So go on, folks, be your kinky selves. But beware! Many of these toys advertise the possibility of “discreet public play,” when in actuality, your play may not be quite as discreet as you thought!

By Nina / Wednesday 24 January 2018 12:04 / France
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