Vodka Ice Pops Are Here So You No Longer Have To Pretend To Choose Between Booze Or Popsicles This Summer

Popsicles + Booze? This is about to be the best summer ever.

Skinny Freezers by Slim Chillers (say that five times fast) are the new summer staple drink (snack?) that's perfect for the "poolside, beachside, barside, and grillside."


Cheers! #freezeyourassoff #100calorievodkamartiniskinnyfreezer

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Why? Because it's a BOOZY POPSCICLE, that's why. Long gone are the days when you would have to choose between booze or a popscicle while laying out by the pool on a hot summer day (that is, those who weren't just choosing both.) With these babies, you're refreshed, tipsy, and happy. 

The popscicles are made with premium, eight-times distilled, charcoal-filtered vodka and come in 4 classic flavors — Cosmopolitan, Watermelon Lemonade, Appletini, and Lemon Drop. Each popscicle is at 8% abv, which may not seem like much but anyone with any amount of drinking experience can tell you how that can creep up on you quickly... especially after a long day of sitting in the sun. 

Cutting down on the sugar and booze so you can get that summer bikini bod? We understand. Would you believe us if we said these babies were a mere 100 calories? It's SUGARY BOOZE at 100 calories! Christmas has come early this year.

They'll be sold at  Costco, BevMo, and your basic liquor stores.... so get ready to stock up. You're welcome.

By nadine / Monday 11 June 2018 15:31 / France
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