(VIDEO) Woman From Hong Kong Caught Screaming "Go Back To Where You Came From" At Her Filipino Helper

Looks like intolerance is everywhere. FML.

A chinese woman really gave it to her Filipino helper when the woman dared to bring two dogs while walking with a baby, reported ABS-CBN News.

The tirade lasted about 5 minutes with both women screaming at each other at what appears to be a park in Hong Kong.

"You should go back to the Philippines! Bad attitude, bad helper!" the woman shouted.

In addition to this racist remark and many other insults, the woman is seen in the video tsaying  "shut the fuck up! You are just a helper, OK?" 

She really lost it over this baby/dog combo situation. Sorry lady, but in this day and age with the internet, anyone can be filming and expose you for the ass-face that you are. It might benefit you more to just be a nice person.

Check out the video for yourselves and let us know if her outrage was justified.

(Spoiler alert: it was not.)

By Nadine / Friday 16 March 2018 14:32 / France
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Top comments
By  DragonMaiden7  |  15

Reminds me of my Chinese class. Not the racist part, just the screaming. Lots and lots of screaming. Though to be fair, our Chinese teacher did tell us if a Chinese proverb her mother always used to say;

“Never marry a black man”

Apparently the older generation in China believed black people were bad luck and they were pretty prejudiced. Who knew?

By  Surewhatever  |  35

For sure, screaming racist comments is always an unacceptable way to communicate with others. However, I probably would be upset if someone was hired/paid specifically to take care of my infant and showed up with two dogs. The reaction was extremely abusive and wrong, but the Helper wasn't completely guilt-free. Depends on if there was any prior agreement to dogs/no dogs.

  LittleRed79  |  39

How do we know whose dogs they actually are? Maybe they belong to the parents of the baby. Either way, every time the screaming lady shut up and backed off the dogs stopped barking.

By  Lobby_Bee  |  17

It's common for helpers to find side jobs when they can to make extra bucks. The helper probably thought it was okay to walk the baby and other people's dogs at the same time, but didn't inform the mother that she works for. If she did, she would have known not to show up with two dogs. Racist remarks are not called for, but the helper is mostly at fault here.

By  pjsr  |  32

This is a very long, mostly unintelligible video. Some people in wealthy countries look down on immigrant workers?
Wow! I’ve never heard of this before. What’s the world coming to?

TBH, in many cultures, dogs are ‘dirty’. They must never be inside, never lick you, and certainly never be anywhere near a baby. I’m pretty sure this is not the yeller’s baby, nor does she know the baby or nanny.

By  sudonym2  |  8

I don’t think she’s upset about the baby as she doesn’t appear to be the mother. It seems like one of the dogs that the Filipino “helper” is walking attacked her dog. I don’t know what she hopes to accomplish by calling her boss who is most likely the owner of the offending dog.