[VIDEO] When This Guy’s Girlfriend Walks In On Him Cheating, His Mistress Pretends To Be A Sex Doll

After someone shared this video of a woman catching her cheating boyfriend with a woman who claims to be a sex doll, we’re left wondering if the rise of sex dolls will come with a rise in FMLs in relationships? For one couple at least, the answer is yes.

2018 came in hot. With the new year came the announcement of soon-to-be-released male sex dolls, and for the past month, people have been excited, but still cautiously mulling over all the effects this could have people’s sexual identities, personal relationships, and so forth.

Will sex dolls be normalized? Will people forego normal relationships for a purely sexual relationship with these dolls? Will the stigma remain now that these dolls exist in both male and female forms?

And of course, there remains the question people have been asking for ages: Is it cheating if your caught banging it out with a sex doll?

"I've got the fucking receipt!"

For one daring, though borderline insane, dude, that question was a little premature. When confronted by his girlfriend, he raises the more relevant question:

Is it cheating if  the girl I cheated with pretends to be a sex doll?

The answer is an all-caps DUH. And yet, this is the route he and his mistress choose to go along, as seen in this wild video.

“It’s a fucking sex doll!”

Where is this man’s head?! What is perhaps more impressive than his secret agent-like reflex to come up with this lie on the spot is his dedication to lie throughout his girlfriend’s yelling and his “sex doll’s” revealing movements.

When the mistress, who does a great impression of a bad impression of a robot, changes position, he has the quick wit to add, “they come with reflexes, dummy.” Truly a genius.

The cherry on top, though, was when the doll, fearing for her actual life, begins repeating “please don’t hurt me. please don’t hurt me” in her best GPS-robot voice. She’s no Siri, that’s for sure. Somebody give her a Razzie for her performance.

Perhaps it's be too early for a conversation about fidelity in the era of robo-sex, but at least we can be clear on one thing: though these dolls may be lifelike enough to nearly pass for a human, no human is doll-like enough to pass for a sex doll.

But, I mean, props to this guy for trying. 

By Nina / Saturday 27 January 2018 14:34 / France
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