(VIDEO) This Waitress Put A Man Who Was Dining with His Girlfriend and Twin Girls In A Headlock After He Groped Her... You Go Girl

The life of a woman. Trying to avoid this type of harassment on the day to day? FML.

Almost all women have experienced some form of harassment. In these moments, we often think back on what we could have done or said to really tell the offender off. Oftentimes, the perfect thing to say to scold your harasser only comes to you after it's already too late, and most women are usually left standing stunned and dumbfounded, too filled with red hot rage to say anything. In these moments, most women understandably don't act quickly enough and are left even more frustrated knowing they had the perfect response after their harasser has already left. 

21-year-old waitress Emelia Holden had no such regrets when she was recently groped at the restaurant she works at. Holden actually had the perfect response at the perfect time--- like something you only ever seen scripted in a movie. When a man walking past the waitress decides to grope the waitress from behind, Holden literally kicks ass. She responds immediately by grabbing the offender, putting him in a headlock and shoving him down on the floor; where she then appears to be scolding him. Less than a minute later, she can be seen telling a coworker call to call the police. Check out the video below.

Ryan Cherwinski, 31, was arrested and charged with sexual battery. But wait, there's more! Think it can't get any worse than that for Cherwinski? Think again. 

According to The Daily Mail, Gropey McCreeper was in an 11-year relationship at the time of the incident (we say 'was' only because we are hopeful that his girlfriend has left him by now) with his girlfriend Erica Martin and the couple are parents to twin girls. How cringy can you be? Considering that the mother of his children and current long term girlfriend was at the restaurant dining with him, we'd have to say pretty damn cringy. 

We'll sign off with a couple messages to send out.

Holden, you are inspiring to women everywhere. And Cherwinski, karma is a bitch. Gropers of the world: watch and be warned. Touching someone without their consent is not okay. 

Oh, and our message to Ms. Erica Martin? Take your girls and run, girl. Avoid a lifetime of FML with this guy. 

By Nadine / Monday 23 July 2018 15:26 / France
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Top comments
By  RichardPencil  |  30

“...literally kicks ass?”

The video does not show her propelling her foot into his buttocks. That would be literally kicking ass. She kicked his ass figuratively, which is still pretty fun to watch!

By  Justin Andrews  |  5

Ew, you're one of those...

By  PhoenixChick  |  26

I love how he told everyone at first that she was just in the way, that he was just trying to push her out of the way and used the "I barely touched you" line to make it seem like SHE was the one who was the problem. After he felt up a complete stranger while out on a date with the mother of his children.

I assume when the cops saw the footage (and promptly arrested him) there were some epic "dude, really?" faces.

  Justin Andrews  |  5

Ew, you're one of those...

By  RichardPencil  |  30

“...literally kicks ass?”

The video does not show her propelling her foot into his buttocks. That would be literally kicking ass. She kicked his ass figuratively, which is still pretty fun to watch!

  DragonMaiden7  |  15

It’s called defending yourself. You know a man just killed someone in Florida over a parking space, and he didn’t get arrested?

Oh, but you won’t get pissy about that. No, when you see a man sexually assaulting a woman for no reason, like a caveman, then try to get away with it, you get pissed at the woman for defending herself, which she had every right to do.

Selective outrage at it’s core, folks, right here.

  mssileas  |  25

The problem is, he can hold lectures about how they deserve respect all he wants. If this is what he demonstrates, this is what he teaches his kids. Boy or girl, doesn't matter.

The only valuable lesson those kids saw that day was the waitress defending herself viciously against this kind of crap. Those men only teach their daughters one thing: 'as my daughter, no one has the right to touch you, and your judgement on the matter has no weight because every single man out there must be a pervert only out to defile you', and then he turns around and says 'all those b*tches deserve it anyway and if she presents like that she shouldn't complain'.

This completely takes away their confidence in trusting their gut instinct around men and making own decisions, and in the instance something happens, they will blame themselves because they were sending the 'wrong signals' (aka existing).