(VIDEO) This Footage Of A Woman Falling Through The Ceiling While Trying To Escape Police With Her Boyfriend Needs To Be Seen By Everyone

You read that correctly. Somehow, this woman's luck is so terrible that she fell through the ceiling while trying to get away from police. Talk about an FML.

It's the kind of thing you'd see in sitcom or a movie, but never expect in real life. According to the CBC, Canadian couple Richard Pariseau and Brittany Burke were allegedly trying to buy a soda using a stolen credit card when the police showed up. While most people would probably just give into the situation and head off with the police officers, these two, (who were clearly made for each other,) had other plans in mind.

While Pariseau was attempting to throw a bag of sunflower seeds at the officer, and at one point, getting tasered, Burke had quickly devised another plan: to head to the back, scale a ladder and climb up onto the ceiling. Quite resourceful, really, though her plan did not go quite as expected. 

You can watch the full video below. 

The best part is how gracefully Burke gets up from her fall.

In the end, both the man and woman were arrested and charged with multiple counts, including using a stolen credit card, resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer.

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