(VIDEO) This Cat's Hilarious Escape From 3 Other Cats Will Crack You Up

Kitties have FML moments too, guys.

Not today, kittens!

The cat in this video is on the run for dear life, and there was no way in hell those other kitties were about to slow it down. Check it out below. 

This cat is so us... when we're dodging our homework, bills, and any sense of responsibility. 

But on to a more serious note: the entire scene is a work of art. Everything about it, from the beginning with the cat slyly trying to move past without any other other cats noticing...(He must be from the midwest, because if he could speak in that moment he would definitely be saying "ope, I'm just gonna move right past ya.")

And then with the super crazy high ninja jump that he seemingly procures out of nowhere?(seriously, who would have expected? What ninja cat school did this kitty go to? Are they accepting other cats? Or humans? So many questions.)

On another note, what gang are these other three cats a part of? What did the first cat do to get into such a holy-shit-FML moment? Home-kitty pissed off the wrong drug lord cat.

If only cats could talk, and we could get some kind of follow up on the situation. But until then, we'll just enjoy re-watching this hilarious video over and over again. 

By Nadine / Wednesday 12 September 2018 16:19 / France
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