VIDEO: An 8-year-old boy can't stop tooting after swallowing a toy horn

Does it hurt? Two honks for Yes, one honk for No.

The boy who cried honk

In Tucuman in Argentina, a small boy, whose identity remains a secret (probably to spare him any further embarrassment along the line) managed to inhale a little white piece of plastic, getting it stuck in his trachea.

His surgeon, in a sadistic but considerate move, filmed him in order to warn other parents:


Dr Gomez Zuviria, 6.6 million views later…

After the surgery, the doctor posted a picture of the offending, dangerous but hilarious piece of plastic that was removed: 


Trumpet boy is on the mend

Despite mean (but funny) comments like Jose Barragato's, saying, ‘He looks like an Angry Bird, the one that’s a bit fat!', the little boy is going to fully recover from his noisy ordeal.

By Alan / Wednesday 4 October 2017 09:40 /
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By  DragonMaiden7  |  15

I'm not very good with judging age, but the boy looks to be at least seven or eight. At the age where you don't swallow toys. I just don't know what possessed him to do something so stupid.