Two Women Escaped From Prison Were Found And Arrested...In An Escape Room

On Monday evening, two inmates at the Edmonton Institute for Women hopped the fence and ran. Where better to celebrate their escape than the local escape room? Anywhere else apparently, as police found them there less than 24 hours later.

Imagine you’ve just escaped prison.

You’re probably pretty proud of yourself. Maybe you feel like you’ve outsmarted the system. Like you’re a master escape artist. Where better to flaunt your skills than an escape room? I can only imagine that’s what 23-year-old Kelsey Laine Marie Mast and 20-year-old Samantha Faye Toope were thinking after escaping from the Edmonton Institute for Women on Monday night.

For those who don’t know what an escape room is, it’s an immersive adventure game in which you and a team are given a certain amount of time to solve puzzles and other obstacles in order to escape. They usually have themes, like prison cells, dungeons, haunted houses, etc. and have become very popular in cities around the world.

They’re pretty fun. If you’ve never done one, you should definitely try it.

So it’s in an establishment like this that the two escapees find themselves the following day. Unfortunately for them, the police also find them there, whereupon they are immediately arrested and sent back to the women’s prison.

Bummer, huh? I guess they failed at that escape.

Beyond the irony of their capture, the story is also odd because the women were acting totally normal. The owners of the escape room hadn’t suspected a thing.


In an interview with CBC News, Rebecca Liaw, a co-owner of the business, said they had come in to ask about the escape rooms offered.

"How many puzzles? How long was the timer? What are the themes we have? That sort of thing...There were no signs of anything that we should be red-flagging," Liaw said. "They didn't seem like they were hiding from anyone or anything."

The women didn’t even get to test out their master escape skills in one of the escape rooms because the police found them mid-conversation. And just like that, their little romp around the town was over.

And that, as I learned in my 9th grade english class, is called hubris.

By Nina / Thursday 5 October 2017 16:04 / France
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