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By - 24/12/2018 02:00
tonight after deciding to cook my wife a romantic indian dinner, she decided to reward me with some 69 action, the farts coming from this woman made me throw up my dinner all over her legs.. happy anniversary I guess
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By  tounces7  |  26

Why do people think it's the Indian dinner that did it? I mean it's not like it passed through her entire system in an hour or two. It's not Taco Bell...

  Quasita  |  26

I'm going to guess that they're trying out an automated system of approval... The users moderate the possible FMLs and in theory, ones that are highly rated by readers are then reviewed by staff but I'm wondering if they've made it so that if an FML hits X votes during moderation, it will be automatically published? If so, I sure hope it's just for things like holidays or whatever and that they figure out a coding thing for the format and such... If not, seriously, I'll do the work. Send'em my way!