By Bethany - United States - Cable
  Today, yet again, I was getting intimate with my shower head. Some complete genius decided to flush the toilet downstairs halfway through, which sent scalding-hot water all up in my privates. I've yet to find a comfortable sitting position. FML
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  MissMae93  |  23

4 - Right after I read this the "Yeaaaaaah" from the beginning of CSI:Miami (along with Heratio and his sunglasses) popped into mind. Thank you :)


Thank you, I'm now unable to breathe properly due to laughter. Thank you to the OP as well, you're brave to admit to this kind of pain. Maybe you could start with a slow boil in future and letthe heat build?

By  allie2590  |  30

Have you considered that maybe the person did that because they masturbate with the shower head too and didn't want to share it anymore? No? Well you're considering it now. Enjoy.

  onlychildFTW  |  33

That's gross OP. others have to use that shower and they're using a shower head that's probably got stuff all over it. Go out and buy a vibrator OP. problem solved. No need to worry about getting scalded anymore either. And it vibrates!

  little_one  |  20

You CAN get vibrators for only $10, but if you want one that has a bazillion speed settings, rotating bead things, and maybe a dolphin attached to it then you could spend $100 still not that bad if you like it and have it for a long time. Added bonus... you can't burn your vag with that.

  jizzwold  |  21

Why has no one mentioned that op could be a minor. Teenage girls masturbate too and it wouldn't be that easy for her to get a vibrator and then she'd have to go through the trouble of hiding it and stuff.

  simonsaysYDI  |  8

Err... if someone is showering, you don't flush the toilet when you know it fucks with the water temperature.
if you do that in my house the water goes frigid and you get punched in the head for being an idiotic asshole. You either tell them you have to go so they know to avoid the water in a few minutes or ask them to hurry and hold it for a bit.

So yeah, OP is kind of an idiot, and so is the rude person who flushed.