By Anonymous - / Thursday 8 December 2011 12:40 / Australia
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  DFlit1  |  0

That and even if she was watching one kid can literally stop, stand still for all of 20 seconds and make a puddle on the floor not exactly the easiest thing to pick up on with 20 other little kids in the room

  Jovecove  |  13

It might not have been op's shift at the time the kids piss so you can't blame op just like that. Dayum boobs and blondes really tell us all something lol


well op isnt gonna be looking at kids' crotches while they're sleeping to see if they pissed cause that'd be creepy. And it'd be difficult to stop a kid from peeing even if you knew he was peeing...


Lol, why else would I say cool pic? I dig the velvet underground, and am very into that whole convoluted Andy Warhol scene, but I must admit that I like Lou's solo stuff more :) (I reckon my favourite song is "Last Great American Whale" - I went through a phase where I thought the song would make the raddest Jim Jarmusch-esque film ;)

  Heeeerroin  |  5

Thinking he had the whale in his sights, blew the whale's brains out with a led harpoon!
Yes, awesome stuff.
My dad's friend recently gave me all of the Lou Reed album's on vinyl.
Coney Island Baby is definitely my favorite album. Also I like his self-titled album a lot.


Rad man! I feel that most music (especially older stuff) sounds better on vinyl :)
I must get some more of his stuff - I have the entire velvet underground discography, but my solo stuff is lacking a bit :(
What other music do you like? (I see an "a hard rains a-gonna fall" lyric on your profile, Bob Dylan is VERY cool :)

  Heeeerroin  |  5

Bob Dylan is probably my favorite of all time. Highway 61 is a near perfect album, and recently got Blonde on Blonde.
I think the Times They Are-A Changin' is my favorite album by Dylan.
I also love Tom Petty.. Ummm. Oh, I do enjoy big band. And Sam Cooke, stuff like that.


I also really dig Bob Dylan - my favourite albums are prolly "freewheelin' Bob Dylan" and "times they are a'changing", but I also loe love love "desire", and "highway 61 revisited" has desolation row on it, which is a superrad song, and reminds me of one of my gave graphic novels - watchmen :)

  Torva_fml  |  16

I thought about posting "her vagina?"
But then I thought... Hmm, that's sexistl... But I've finally come to the conclusion, that it is, in fact... On the inside. Therefore, a fitting response.


Today, a customer complained that his earphones stopped properly functioning even though he bought them less than a month ago. After checking them, I realised that there was so much earwax caked into them that it affected the sound quality. FML

By iGagged - / Monday 1 June 2015 12:22 / United Arab Emirates - Dubai
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