By OnCompanyTimeToo - 02/09/2013 01:21 - New Zealand - Christchurch

Today, while writing a self-evaluation for my internship, I had to type up answers to certain questions and then submit them. After submission, I re-read one of the answers I had written that said, "After 3 months on the jon I finally feel like I have accomplished a lot." I had meant to write job. FML
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Not: "Submit and reread" but "Reread and submit."

Proofreading is always a good idea


Not: "Submit and reread" but "Reread and submit."

It's funny how you did the same thing saying Not instead of Note.

I bet Jon is a happy guy! :)

You realize that jon is not a person, rather it's the crapper (toilet).

challan 19

You realize that a John its also someone that is a client of a hooker. That's what the joke was. I laughed, sorry they missed it.

perdix 29

#18, since it was a typo, you can't really say what the author intended. The toilet popped into my mind first, but then I imagined a guy named Jon. It was a mistake, so the OP really intended neither meaning.

@26, The OP said "after 3 months on the Jon..." which indicates a thing, not a person, hence my assumption for it to mean the crapper and not a person.

perdix 29

#29, no, it doesn't indicate anything. The OP himself said he intended to write "job." He wouldn't have intended anything if he accidentally written jab, jib, joe, jog, jon, jot, joy, bob, fob, gob, hob, lob, mob, nob, rob, sob or any other perrmutation of job with one wrong letter.

Who cares? They made an unfortunate typo on an important document.

You should probably take some miralax for that.

Proofreading is always a good idea

Speaking of proofreading, why hasn't anyone pointed out that this FML has a typo in it too? It states, "...them submit them."; it should state, "...then submit them." OP, you might just have a problem with proofreading :-(.

I once commented on a FML, pointing out that there was a typo in it. The next day, the typo had been corrected and I had a bunch of thumbs down! But I noticed OP's typo, too, and I'm glad you pointed it out!

perdix 29

#4, it's almost always a good idea. If you are the pilot on a plane that's about to crash and you whip out the emergency instructions and notice a comma where a semi-colon should be, let it go!

Yes, my thoughts exactly.

Always remember to revise carefully, OP!

I sort of feel like you deserve it. If you type anything, you should always reread it and check for errors. Plus, considering it was a single sentence, it shouldn't have been that difficult of a task...

Exactly. Reread before you submit

challan 19

That was an accomplishment., you moved quite a bit. I bet you filled that jon to the best of your bowels. Remember op, when the going gets tough, the tough eat roughage.

Zack6849 8

I find it funny OP typo'd in the FML too.

surefire988 12

I am sure u meant "then submit them" too.

You didn't compose your comments on an Apple device? I wonder if it would have helped you out.

Probably not. More often than not autocorrect is a PAIN and changes my stuff that was correct to something incorrect.