By Anonymous - United States - Seattle
Today, while working the graveyard shift at my hotel, it felt a little chilly, so I grabbed a blanket out of the box we usually store old blankets in. 20 minutes later, the live-in maintenance man casually remarked that those blankets are all infected with bed-bugs. FML
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  Pleonasm  |  34

It really bites. If it felt a little nippy in your workplace before, one can only how you must be ticked off now. I guess now you have to chill, and try not to think of all all those little buggers lest it make your skin crawl, OP.

  KiddoKS  |  19

I'm pretty sure the whole place is infested anyway. Bedbugs have been known to crawl in and out of spaces as tiny as light switches. Having the blanket directly on is definitely gross, but who thought putting them in a box would do the trick?

  Bakarra  |  22

How are they saving money? It says he got it out a box for old blankets, if they're in a seperate box than the other blankets then they're probably not being used

  Nysha  |  17

But they can probably be disinfected, cleaned, and then put back into use. They may just be saving them up because it's cheaper to disinfect them in batches.

  bamagrl410  |  31

27 Letting blankets that bed bugs are in sit around a hotel is stupid, period. It's not like they'll stay in the box with those blankets. They could end up migrating somewhere in the hotel, and then it is not just a few blankets to disinfect, it's an entire hotel to exterminate. Letting them accrue and cleaning them in batches would only lead to the possibility of much larger expenses later on.