By breyn - 18/02/2015 19:48 - United States

Today, while working at my salon, I was cutting an older gentleman's hair. When he got up to leave, everyone noticed he had clearly pissed his pants. I felt bad for him until he laughed and said, "Here's your tip, have fun cleaning that up." FML
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Yeah well guess who's getting a bad hair cut next time he comes in? FYL indeed OP.

That's disgusting and rude. Sorry you had to clean that up, OP!


#1 thanks for the unnecessary comment.

that's got to sting

1dvs_bstd 41

come again big fudge, sting or stink?

sting like when he pees

Yeah well guess who's getting a bad hair cut next time he comes in? FYL indeed OP.

born_hustla 26

Next haircut? I would have chased him and mess up his hair with the razor

I feel sorry for the both of you, actually.

I would feel sorry for the man if he was not a jerk about pissing himself.

#39 I think he was probably trying to make light of the situation, honestly.

I'd be pissed if someone done that.

JayVicious 20

its better to be pissed off then pissed on.

homesuckfucker 28

Do you mean, "Better to be pissed off than pissed on," or are you a man that happens to enjoy golden showers?

Nothing better than a golden shower to calm you down when you're angry!

In that order?

JayVicious 20

ha yes i did mean than. was up for 32 hours. but that was a fuck up that made me laugh. at least it still made a more fucked up way.

Took me a while to question myself if you do like golden showers or not.

That's messed up.

I guess it doesn't bother him that he now has to walk around Smelling like urine, sorry OP that should definitely go in the bad day column I hope your day got better after that.

Maybe he didn't like his haircut?

Maybe he can't help it and pretends to do it on purpose to avoid the embarrassment of the situation and the reality of getting older.

#9 yeah, my thoughts exactly

I thought the same thing. Not only that, but Depends ain't exactly cheap.

JayVicious 20

well it depends on where you shop for them Id say.

I doubt it. More likely a cowardly sadist that uses age related incontinence as a weapon.

pinkgreenyellow 13

Bad Grandpa strikes again