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  NeatNit  |  32


Who buys children's toys? Parents.
What do parents never get time to do? Sex!

If anything, selling dildos at a toy store would be revolutionary!

  SkylineFTW97  |  25

The same is true for butt plugs. You'd be surprised what you can use. Water bottles, computer mice, newspapers, lit blowtorches...... did I just say that last one out loud? Well fuck.

  91hayek  |  31

This is a common misconception. It was actually Einstein who Lincoln was addressing; sadly the context and the preceding question that led to the statement is forever lost because Einstein asked it in German and no one present spoke German save Lincoln who was shortly after shot from a Book depository window. Einstein was then arrested for trying to blow up Parliament and never disclosed what he said, right up until his execution by lethal injection. The more you know.